Why Your Fireplace Is Emitting Weird Smell And What To Do Then

Hurray! Winter it is! By bidding goodbye to the relishing view of shredding of the colorful leaves, we now welcome the season which makes us go Freeze-zoned most of the times!

Well, some of us are keen to spend on experiences which can be done only during winters, and some prefer being lousy and cuddled up with a blanket all day long! Summing up in both the ways, winter is a season of celebration!

Yet, to keep the temperature heated to survive in the freaking freezing weather, we go for the electric fireplaces which keep the surrounding warm and glowing!

If you have noticed, when you use the electric fireplace for the very first time or after a long time, it emits a weird smell. Yeah? Read on to know the kind of smell and the fix to the "Smelly" situation:

why does my electric fireplace smell

1. Filthy Chimney:


The deposits and the dust particles accumulated in an old chimney can be one of the reasons for the weird smell. How?

Here it is: When the electric fireplace is heated, these deposits can cause the smell to sneak out from the electric insert. Thus, it covers the entire space with a weird odor wafting through the place.

The fact is, this "burning dust" odor is supposed to vanish in one heating cycle. If it stretches to more than 2 heating cycles, then, better contact HVAC technician and gets it tested.


  • In order to save yourselves from being trapped in the strange smell, get your chimney cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Especially, if you have not used your electric fireplace for a long period of time (say, from last summer), then, make sure you get your chimney inspected and cleaned before use.
  • Also, look for any soot deposits accumulated in the flue. Thus, this can save you from potential fire hazards.
  • You can also cross check for the decomposing materials (if any) which you might have used in the past.

Now, you can at least have a clear idea of what kind of smell your electric fireplace is emitting. Thus, you can figure out a way to get rid of the weird smell easily by knowing how exactly to fix the "Smelly" issue.

Sometimes, there is nothing wrong in taking a wild guess and making sure of particular things in detail. After all, it is better to stay safe.

2. The "Overload" theory!

During the electrical overload, the insulation covering the electrical wiring starts melting. This can be the reason for your electric fireplace to emit the burning smell all over.

You can also check if the connected outlet is overloaded. If you have too many appliances connected to the same source, i.e. adapter or an outlet, there is a high chance to have placed overbearing load!

As a result, you can witness the fuse being blown or a trip in the breaker.


  • Look for the areas with darkened points where you can spot the insulation has detected.
  • In the case of the hardwired electric fireplace, it is better to have an inspection from an electrician to ensure the proper functioning of the wires running through the walls.
  • Never use an extension cord as they cannot handle the operation of an electric fireplace. Thus, it can melt down the electrical components connected to it.
  • Inspect each and every wire thoroughly before the operational use of an electric fireplace.

Now that you can figure out the type of smell your electric fireplace is sneaking a peak do not ignore if it is a burning smell.

If you witness it for more than one or two heating cycles, do not wait to contact the HVAC team.

3. Is something in here "Decaying"?

Yes? If you too strongly feel the same thing, it is high time to turn your furnace off and call and report the gas company and seek immediate service.

As the gas is odorless, the gas companies tend to add the smell to the gas so that you can sense the gas leak.

The decaying smell might indicate a high chance that there is a leakage in the gas.


  • Turn off the gas as soon as possible.
  • Open all the windows of your home as this helps to clear the air.
  • Immediately switch of the electric fireplace/furnace as soon as you witness the decaying smell.
  • Come out of your home and call the gas company to seek the service.
  • Make sure to tell the team to switch off the gas before work if you haven't done in the first place.

Never ignore the decaying smell as it can be hazardous resulting in an explosion.

Well, now that you know the funny, weird smell which is gobbling up the pleasant air all over, I am sure you can now figure out a trail to fix the bothering smell.

You can always ensure the safety by keeping your chimney clean by scheduling the cleaning session at regular intervals. Also, you can have a routine check on the wirings before use.

After all, you should never miss out the little things we enjoy during winters! Even if it involves simply lying down in a heated room and doing nothing at times, it is worth it!

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