Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplaces

The crunching sound, the glow of the fire, the comforting warmth and an elegant room décor around…is the nostalgic reminiscence of an old-style fireplace, which has become mostly obsolete these days. But what if you love to keep enliven those old golden days in room décor?

Electric fireplaces are now available for adding regulated warmth and beauty to your room’s style statement.  Touchstone electric fireplaces are the first-line electrical fireplaces you can always count on for its unique facilities. Be it utility or room décor, you can always take the bait on this brand!

Before we turn toward a Touchstone electric fireplace, let's check first the primary benefits of buying an electric fireplace.  It will help us to compare the expected benefits with the Touchstone product's utility features.

Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplaces

The Benefits of Buying an Electric Fireplace

  • These electrical home appliances are safe.
  • These are smoke-free: no risk of smoke pollution.
  • Electric fireplaces are clean for the environment and not messy.
  • Electrical fireplaces are allergy risk-free.
  • Two-way benefits: Can be used for room décor and room heating.

Touchstone 80004 features that cause convenience

It is Amicably Designed for In-Wall Fixing

The touchstone fireplace is an excellent space saver. It can be installed on the room wall, and its black frame adds a smart, stylish look in your room décor. The fireplace can be fixed in all rooms, which means it projects a versatile look that easily gets synchronized with existing furniture.

2-Way Heat Module

The Touchstone electric fireplace comes with a two-heat mode. It can be set in the high and low mode according to your discretion. The need for heat level may vary from one individual to another, and the dual mode of heat generation can be perfectly regulated to personal choice.

It Looks Smart and Attractive

The fireplace looks like a traditional one with its real flame like display. In addition to its fiery display board, there is an option of changing the flame colors. This color adjustment feature adds more realistic ambiance to the fireplace, which is an added advantage of this Touchstone product.

The available flame colors are orange, blue, and blue-orange that replicate original fire-flame to a great extent.

Multiple Modes

A further advantage of this fireplace model is its 5-settings configuration. You may set the fire flame color from soft ember glow to the deep fiery blaze. The heat and flame can be controlled by remote, which adds an advanced layer of user-friendliness to this fireplace model.

Artificial Fire Log and Glass Crystal Included

The Touchstone baby comes with added artificial fire logs and crystals, and these accessories impose a vintage fireplace look of medieval flair.  Once installed, it will enhance aesthetic appeal and smartness of your room décor. With 400 feet coverage area, the fireplace operates on 1500 watts and a voltage of 120.

Installation Criteria

There are no fixed criteria for installing this electrical fireplace. However, the manufacturer recommends that ideally the set should be placed at least 12 inches below to the ceiling. You should avoid installing the unit directly under a wall-mount television the performance of the heater may get compromised for such a position.


  • Multiple Heat Settings Including "No Heat” option too.
  • Remote Control is available to regulate.
  • Quality customer service is a great plus.
  • 5-Flame Setting offers quality heat control.
  • Easy installation.


  • Available in Wall Mount mode only.
  • Price is a bit higher in range.


It can be easily concluded that Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric (50" wide) fireplace is a wise buy. It is beautiful, and at the same time, it is a utility gadget too. Its high and low heat adjustment feature is a definite plus.

If you want to add modern-décor in vintage approach, a Touchstone fireplace will add excellent brand power to your room décor: you can safely bank on this gadget.

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