Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace

The Touchstone electric fireplace is the modernized version of the traditional fireplace. It’s more like an effort to preserve the touch of the "Traditional" warmth and glow. Thus, one cannot feel left out while in the middle of their whole "Pamper sesh"!

The sole idea behind the design of the super classy model- The Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace is to turn the very phrase "Old school" into "Old's cool"! Below are some details:

Under the spotlight

  • The best seller!
  • Installation and wall mounting made easy.
  • Unbeatable realistic flames.
  • The heating element.

The Best Seller

The stunning frame in black color makes the Touchstone's Onyx electric fireplace even more stylish! As it is a wall mounted electric fireplace which is 50 inches wide, it adds elegance wherever you set it up.

The Touchstone Onyx electric fireplace can be set in 2 different heating levels, High and low. If you want to enjoy the pleasant ambiance without a touch of the warmth during the summer, then, it can light up the entire room with a simple glow without any warmth surrounded.

Where installation and wall mounting made easy

The Touchstone Onyx electric fireplace has real easy installation. So, only "One man army" will suffice for a hassle-free installation! At first, you need to wall mount the mountable bracket. Then, hang the electric fireplace to the wall and secure it with the screws.


We recommend you to wall mount the Touchstone Onyx electric fireplace with at least a minimum gap of 24 inches between your television and the electric fireplace.

Unbeatable Realistic Flames

The Touchstone Onyx electric fireplace provides you with 2 options while shipping: A crystal hearth and a log. You have to pick one among the two.

If you want the picture of the realistic looking flames with a log, then, go for the log option. If you are more of a modern lover, then, the crystal heart is happy to light up your place with modern elegance!

The flames occupy behind the tempered glass and thus manage to provide a realistic experience. It offers the Onyx comfy features, wherein you can automate the heating settings to high or low. You can even switch off the "Heating zone" and enjoy the glowing dance of the realistic flame.

The flames show its versatility by offering to set them up with 5 different flames from a dusky glow to a glazy flame according to your current mood! Also, you can adjust the level of brightness according to your desire via remote control.

The Heating Element

Here's the time wherein you can crack a deal with the Touchstone 80001! Yes, you can control the two available options in the heating levels with the remote. So, creating a perfect ambiance in a relaxing environment is within the tip of your finger.

With the built-in timer you have the privilege to set the time to your electric fireplace according to your need. Note that you can set the timer from 30 minutes to about seven and a half hours.

It is capable of adding the heat to any place up to 400 square feet. A perfect combination of chilling weather and a warm touch of the electric fireplace with a soothing glow of the flame! Bliss!

Final Verdict

The Touchstone 80001 Onyx electric fireplace demands a spacious room preferably with an empty wall. Though it occupies about 5 inches of the space, all in all, it receives a big fat thumbs up for balancing its versatility and stylish appearance.

An elegant ambiance, a perfect warmth, and a pleasant glow are together "wall mounted" into a stylish frame! If you are facing "Which one to buy?" dilemma, then, we will suggest you go for the one which is a host of privileges! Yes, the Touchstone Onyx electric fireplace!

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