Southern Enterprises Calvert Carved Electric Fireplace

Check out the latest southern enterprises fireplace for its carved colonial inspired looks, ivory finish and brushed texture with a heating range of 400 square feet. The realistic multi-colored flame effect will definitely bewilder your guests in the first look.

The fireplace is super energy efficient as it consumes energy equivalent to a coffee maker and doesn't release any pollutants in the environment. All you need to do is, plug-in the fireplace, remove your shoes and enjoy the heat along with an awesome view of the flickering flames.

Looking out for reasons to invest in the SEI Electric Fireplace? We might help you with this!

  • The beautiful ivory based finish along with floral carving can prove to be an excellent addition to the home or office décor. The classic profiling on the model is a treat to the eyes.
  • The fireplace can effectively spread heat in a 400 square feet area rendering a cozy ambiance to the room.
  • This ivory electric fireplace comes with an auto shut-off feature and operates quietly without causing any disturbance.
  • The heating can be controlled with a pre-programmed remote control which effectively adjusts the timer, brightness of the flames, heat and the logs to avoid any inconveniences.
  • This vent-less electric fireplace is 100% energy efficient and can effectively operate upon the energy used by a coffee maker.
  • The front glass of the electric fireplace remains cool even during the time it is switched on. This makes it absolutely safe for the kids and pets in the house.

Top Features that were highlighted in the Southern Enterprises Electric Fireplace Reviews

People who have purchased this model are utterly awestruck by the combination of looks and performance. We got a chance to interact with some of them and sharing their experiences further with you.

You can't ignore the Looks!

People who have installed this electric fireplace are all praises its stylish looks. The looks are inspired by colonial times and display a perfect blend of period piece and modern patterns. 

The long-lasting LED lighting effects give a realistic look to the flames and the underlying logs. The overall looks of the fireplace will undoubtedly compel a second look from the guests. The brightness of ambers and the flames can be adjusted separately with the remote control.

Absolutely Safe!

The electric fireplace can effectively heat up a room of 400 square feet easily within some time. It comes with an auto shut off feature which prevents over-heating in the room.

The glass door remains cool all the time creating a safe environment for the kids and pets in the house. The parents have really appreciated this feature of the product.

100% Energy Efficient

If you believe in saving energy and is environment friendly, then this feature might impress you. The cream colored electric fireplace is entirely energy efficient and easily operates on a regular 120v electrical outlet.

It has an inbuilt safety thermal protector installed to prevent power overloading. It is indeed a modern electric fireplace donning the classic looks.

It's Easy to Use!

People are relieved that they no longer needed the services of an electrician to install the fireplace. With a simple mantel assembly and plug-in, the fireplace is ready to spread a cozy aura in the room.

You can use mantel to display your antiques or book collection as it can effectively handle a weight of maximum 85 pounds. People loved the pre-programmed remote control to manage the heat, brightness, thermostat, and timer from the comfort of your couch.

Follow These Tips: Cleaning & Maintenance Tips.


Evaluating all the above features, one thing is for sure, that this model is undoubtedly one of the best carved stone fireplaces till date.

If you are looking for an elegant fireplace which has classic design plus awesome performance, then this product is definitely worth your investment.

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