Real Flame 8020E-W Crawford Electric Fireplace

As I look out outside, all the leaves have fallen off the trees. It makes me think of how winter is getting closer.

I have many fond memories of winter. I think back to the times I would sit by a fire, and relax to the sound of wood burning.

But now I’m older and live in a major city where I hear a furnace instead of a fire.

Maybe you have a similar experience. You want a real looking electric fireplace, but you don’t want to read all the reviews.


One great choice is the Real Flame 8020E-W Crawford Electric Fireplace, White. This thin fireplace will add style and warmth to any house.


The Real Flame 8020E-W is a slim white electric fireplace with a mounting depth of 9.5 inches. It also has excellent looking trim and columns with solid wood construction.


It comes with a realistic flame and embers. The embers will turn off last as if it was a real fire. The fireplace doesn’t come with audio, but there are plenty of ways to get a crackling sound by searching the internet and using a speaker.

Heating Unit

This slim electric fireplace comes with a 1400-watt heater which produces 4700 BTUs per hour.

Remote Control

The faux electric fireplace comes with a remote. One reviewer boasted that the remote works at 20 feet.


The unit comes with a safety cable, and one reviewer wrote that the fireplace worked well with children.

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One customer mentioned how the thin fireplace was easy to set up and even the hardware was of the highest quality. Everything is pre-drilled and threaded, making for an easy assembly. Many were able to connect all the pieces in one hour. The longest I read was 90 minutes.

Another suggested to place the unit in front of an outlet and have someone take out some of the baseboards. The absence of the baseboard will allow the slimline electric fireplace to be flush with the wall.

Right Size

One satisfied owner mentioned how the thin fireplace looks so natural. It wasn’t a distraction from other parts of the living room, and it fits with the rest of the décor.

Great heat

One happy customer mentioned how when the fireplace was placed on the highest heat setting it warmed the upstairs of her house in subzero weather.

The same customer mentioned how the unit kept her feet so warm that she had to shift her feet away from the heating element.

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Great Customer Service

There was a customer who had problems with the unit. For some reason, the fan was making a noise and then stopped working. The incident happened on a holiday weekend, and the owner assumed she would get some recording and then be inundated with options.

But to her surprise, a real person answered the phone and told her that the company would ship a new unit in three to five days. To her amazement, the new fireplace came in only two days.


Do electric fireplaces look real? After reading what other satisfied customers had to say it’s obvious that the Real Flame fireplace is the most realistic electric fireplace that won’t break your budget.

The heat is amazing. Assembly is easy. Great customer service and flames that appear real. It even looks like there are embers on the bottom!

At this below 500$ price slimline electric fireplace is a steal. Bottom line is this. If you miss having the look of having a fireplace in your home, then you need to buy this product. That’s what I’m saying.

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