PuraFlame 33″ Western Electric Fireplace Insert Remote Control, 7501500W

The PuraFlame 33″ Western Electric Fireplace has been able to capture the attention of the people soon after its launching. It is basically an energy saving LED heater insert which comes with a stylish and sleek remote control.

The concept of electric fireplace insert has been successful in turning the heads around worldwide. In other words, it's an insert that can fit into any fireplace. It comes with a wall design on the three sides which give it a brick like look.

Best Electric Fireplace Insert

Why should you give PuraFlame 33″ Electric Fireplace a shot?

  • The best thing about this model is that it looks super voguish with lifelike wooden logs and bricks designing.
  • It comes which a sleek and stylish remote control fireplace which can control the brightness and intensity of the flames up to 4 levels.
  • It is made with excellent workmanship and precise detailing like welding and polishing which is difficult to get in their counterparts.
  • The model makes a very low noise while functioning, just like a hum!
  • It can disperse heat and warmth within the radius of 400 sq.mt. giving the entire room a warm and cozy ambiance.
  • This product is absolutely safe for the kids, and as well as for the pets in house.
  • The setting up procedure is quite simple as it comes with handles which makes it convenient to lift it up and place correctly.

Salient Features which will definitely earn some brownie points!

People who have purchased this product are all praises about it. They have shared their experiences with us. Keep reading on!

First Impression is…

People have absolutely loved the stylish design of this model. Undoubtedly the fireplace insert has been made with best of artisanship. The finishing and the realistic effects have been immensely appreciated by them. This is definitely a contributing factor in the high ratings of this product.

The "Emulation Flames" has been a hit instantly. The LED lighting gives the real flame-like effects. The embers glow creating an actual coal effect with a hint of blue flames. In other words, the product has scored brownie points on its looks.

Good Range of Heating

People have liked the heating speed and range of PuraFlame 33″ Electric Fireplace. It can distribute heat within 400 sq mt. within a few minutes. This creates a cozy ambiance in the room within a short period of time.

Remote Controlled

A fully functional remote controller comes with this fireplace is more than enough to control the intensity of heat. It comes in a slim design with a secure grip. It can also control the flames and the heat up to 4 different levels.

Easy Installation and Safe

People are happy with the easy installation feature of this product. It comes with convenient handles to lift the heater. There is also an electric cord which is 5.9 feet long.

All it requires is proper fitting in the fireplace, and it is ready to render warmth to the room. Once installed considering all the requisite safety measures, it is absolutely safe for the kids at home.

Easy Maintenance

One thing people who have purchased this model are very happy about its easy and affordable maintenance as compared to the other products. The noise produced by the heater is also very low.

Follow These Tips: Cleaning & Maintenance Tips.

Verdict Time!

Considering all the pointers mentioned above, this product undoubtedly is worth an investment. The features offered in this are much better as compared to the other brands.

Safe for kids, easy to install and maintain are the major attractions of this product. If you are looking for a product which scores well in looks, functioning, and durability, then this model is just for you!

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