Napoleon NEFV38H Vertical Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

With the ample options being available these days, are you also "one of those" who are roaming around with a giant question mark written all over the face? So, just in case, if this helps you:

Customize your basic needs.

Prepare your budget.

Be particular regarding the specifications.

And now, list out your Wants too!

Because, hell yes! Now, even our "Lavish" wants are being fulfilled by the Napoleon electric fireplace! Yes, it is a piece of elegance which lights up your place with a glowing spark all around!

Napoleon NEFV38H vertical wall mount electric fireplace


Unbeatable Features:

  • Being Vertical: The wall mount electric fireplaces are more in boom nowadays. The Napoleon electric fireplace steals the thunder by surprising us with another "style element" being added to its magnificent appearance. Yes, a Vertical electric fireplace it is!
  • Curved glass: You can enjoy the glass front which is being curved on both the sides and thus widening the center region.
  • Lighting effect: You can choose the flame color which illuminates the backlights. It offers you with these eye-catchy colors say Blue, Orange, Purple.
  • Crystalline beauty: As you can switch your mood by the glowing colors of the flame, you can also control the stationary or alternating colors of the ember bed.


You can operate the unit and go through the required settings with the main control panel located to the left of the unit. You can also "Hand-pick" your convenience via the remote!

Here are the options displayed and their operations:

  • Power: To switch OFF and switch ON the unit.
  • Timer: The timer can be set in advance up to 9 hours.
  • Ember light and the flames: You can manage the colors of the ember bed and the flames too.
  • Heater control: You can switch on or switch off the heater as required.
  • Accent light: Adjust the accent colors for a glowing and a colorful light at the back.
  • Temperature: As the temperature is built-in, you can adjust the temperature according to your comfort.
  • Heat lock: You can easily lock the heat according to your needs.

Choose Your Method:

The Napoleon electric fireplace can be plugged-in, or it can also be hardwired with ease.

If you want to plug in the unit, all you need is a standard outlet of 120-volt wherein you can wall mount the unit.

If you wish, you can also go for a recessed wall mounting. The Napoleon electric fireplace can also be hardwired wherein the necessary electrical connections are made followed by grounding.


We recommend you to consult the best electrician possible to handle the connectivity of the unit.

Where Installation And Mounting Options Are Made Super Easy!:

With a wall mount option or a recessed wall mount option, the Napoleon electric fireplace never stops to amuse us with the combination of its elegant glow and a warm touch! The mounting brackets are available along with the unit to provide assistance during the wall mount or the recessed installation.

And More:

  • Temperature scale: It ranges from 5 to 35  degrees Celsius. Design and create your own ambiance according to your mood!
  • Built-in blower: You can set the built-in blower to the thermostat for a pleasant and a warmth comfort all around.
  • The seamless cord: The cord can be covered so that it can be merged by adding a smooth beauty to the installed place.

Why Do Customers Love?

With its fascinating art of appearance, it is a perfect piece of decor to your living room, bedroom, bathroom, and office also. While installing, make sure the unit is set up 20-inches above the ground, 5-inches from the roof, and 6-inches by the sides.

Yes, apart from being a little fussy about the space, I am sure it serves more than just the warmth. It is a rear combination of the cozy comfort and a lavish luxury!

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