MagikFlame Electric Fireplace And Mantel

One of my favorite activities in winter is to find a warm fireplace and read a book. Maybe you’re the same. But what can you do if you don’t have a fireplace?

There are many fake fireplaces that look real. But when it comes to finding the most realistic electric fireplace that money can buy you can’t of think of anything other than MagikFlame Electric Fireplace. So, let’s continue to see why so?


Enter your texOne solution is to invest some of your money into buying the MagikFlame Electric Fireplace and Mantel. After looking at the product information, I think the MagikFlame Electric Fireplace is the most realistic electric fireplace on the market.t here...

Realistic flames

One amazing feature is how the flames look so real as they appear to sway upon burning logs. There’s even the effect of rising smoke.

Glowing Log Effect

The realistic electric fireplace has LED lamps on the bottom with 24 yellow and orange diodes. All these diodes give the impression that there are burning embers on the bottom of the unit.

Crackling Log Sounds

To further enhance the feel of an actual fireplace the product comes with built-in speakers that create the sound of logs burning.

Built-In Atomizer

The atomizer emits a smell of pine wood burning.

4600 BTU Coil Heater

The device comes with an electric heating coil, capable of heating a 1,000 square foot room. There’s even an adjustable thermostat to keep your room at your ideal temperature. Also, if the unit emits too much heat, the coil can be turned off if you only want the sight, sound, and smell of a fire.

Antique look

The unit comes with a brass metal container for the logs. It will look like what others have who burn actual wood. The molding is also of high quality and will add beauty to any home.

magikflame electric fireplace

Real thing

Satisfied customers commented that the MagikFlame Electric Fireplace has all the features they would ever hope for in a real looking electric fireplace. There’s the smell from the built-in atomizer, the sound from the built-in stereo, and the sight of embers from the LED lamps.

Less stress

Another owner loved the hypnotic effect of the fake fireplace. It was able to calm him down with the sound and smell. To him, it felt like having actual wood burning.

Heats up well

Another mentioned how the unit was quiet and puts out a lot of heat.

Great customer service

One frequent comment was the great customer service. If you look at the website, there’s a pop-up window with someone named Howard who will answer your questions either via instant messaging or by phone.

One reviewer had a problem with getting the unit shipped. One well-known carrier damaged the unit. The customer called Howard and soon after the conversation the company sent the owner a different unit.

Another mentioned how Howard was available on the phone to answer all his installation questions.

Follow These Tips: Cleaning & Maintenance Tips.


In all my reading about the MagikFlame, the only valid complaint was the 100-pound weight of the fake fireplace. It was suggested to have someone help you carry the unit into your living space.

The weight is understandable considering all the diodes, heating coil, and other features. It’s a minor inconvenience for such a realistic fireplace.


Do electric fireplaces look real? After reading reviews and product information on the MagikFlame Electric Fireplace, I would have to say that it’s possible. If you miss the sight, sound, and smell of wood burning in your house, then get the most realistic electric fireplace insert.

There are many fake fireplaces being sold on the market, but only one offers the complete ambiance of having a real fire in your house. So, don’t let the winter pass without buying a MagikFlame Electric Fireplace.

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