LifeSmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace Review

Oh, look who has arrived? Winter it is! Well, winter season makes us have a craving for the warm ambiance with a hot coffee as soon as the temperature drops! AC out and the fireplace in! Fireplaces! The unit to shoot your bills to the "Moon and back"? Yeah? Not anymore!

This winter, the total agenda is to show some mercy on yourself and go grab an electric fireplace! Yes, the LifeSmart large room infrared quartz fireplace is happy to provide the soft touch of warmth and light up the place you install with no shocking-electric-bills!

Here are some details gathered

Oak finishing:

If you are in search of an electric fireplace for larger rooms, then, the LifeSmart electric fireplace is the perfect one. It can also be used as a classic "Decor material" to brighten up your place with its stunning oak finish!

Installation is done in a whoosh!

The infrared quartz electric fireplace can be easily plugged into any wall outlet of 110 volts. Get ready to receive the radiant heat spreading all over your place. The advantage offered here is, you can zone heat the area you want to and whenever you want to!

Thus, if you install several LifeSmart electric fireplaces at your home, you can witness the energy efficiency, and therefore you can be free from the "Electric bill" saga!


When it comes to the operation of the LifeSmart electric fireplace, it takes a deviation from the working criteria of the rest of the fireplaces.

It makes use of the infrared to keep your surrounding warm! Yes, this is the reason which causes the air to stay fresh by NOT drying out. The main idea here is to target the objects and the people while spreading the warmth, instead of merely heating the air surrounded.

This fireplace has a central control panel, wherein you are free to create your own ambiance. To make your "Pamper session" even more comfortable, it facilitates you with a remote control feature!

Remote Control Features

  • Power: The power button is used to switch ON and switch OFF the unit.
  • Timer: You can utilize this option whenever you are planning to take a nap or going out for a long duration. Enjoy the privilege of setting the timer up to 12 hours without any hassle!
  • Flame effects: Now, you can cheer yourself up by watching the glowing flames with just the way you like!
  • Temperature: You can easily choose the perfect warmth ranging between 59F to 95F.

If you are not in a mood to take up the warmth, especially when the summer strikes, you can try adjusting the brightness just to enjoy the beautiful piece of elegance lit up! Thus, you can entirely avoid the warmth and enjoy the dancing glow!

Some more!

  • This gorgeous 1500 watt heater comes with a roller which makes the transportation even more easier!
  • Since it does not mess with the air, you need not worry about the "Extra fittings" such as humidifier to keep the air moist.
  • And the "Secret ingredients" are the usage of the 3 quartz infrared elements to make the magic happen!
  • You get a warranty for 1 year on all the electrical components of the unit.
  • The inclusion of E-Z glide casters just raises the aesthetic appeal of the area where it is installed.
  • As the electric fireplace is more into zone heating, it uses the electricity as less as a hair dryer!
  • A permanent BYE to Combustible fuels, toxin releases, and dreadful fumesa.

Our Recommendation

With the minimal investment, the LifeSmart electric fireplace is going to put a full stop to your Monthly-Bill-Trauma.

Apart from being a fantastic piece of Decor, the features such as the digital display, remote control, infrared heating, and zone heating, it is undoubtedly a must-have feature in every home! Nonetheless, it is worth your money!

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