How To Install Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace In 5 Easy Steps?

A fireplace is not a luxury, but an essential as winter is knocking at the door. Who does not want to sit by the warm fire and sip on a cup of coffee? It is not only enjoyable but very much necessary as well.

But nowadays fireplaces have evolved, and they can be extensively modified to meet the user’s need. One such kind is the electric wall mounted fireplace.

These are a modern solution to your firepit need. The new fireplaces are stylish, sleek and very much eco-friendly which can be customized according to your interiors.

The wall mounted fireplaces are not only aesthetic to look at, but they are easy to install and also simple to use. They look much better and artistic when you fit them by providing a modern and sophisticated look.

If you are thinking of installing such a fireplace, then you will be glad to know that it can be quickly done with 5 easy steps. Do you what are those? No? Do not worry. We are going to discuss those 5 steps in this article.

5 Easy Steps To Follow For Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Before you mount your electric fireplace, you will be required to consider a few things. The first of all the factors you will need to choose the room where you would want to install it.

The next thing which should also be considered is the size and design of the fireplace. It should go well with the overall surroundings and interior.

Only after reviewing some of these factors you should install the fireplace.

Install Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

As we mentioned in the previous section that installing a modern fireplace is easy, here are the 5 steps that you will need to follow for a perfect installation of a fireplace.

Step 1

The first step which is involved in the process is to choose a location which will be nearby a power outlet. Always prevent the use of extension cord and connect the main plug directly to the electrical outlet.

After you have found an excellent location to connect your fireplace, make sure that you have nothing inflammable nearby. Keeping the surrounding area clear of such objects is a vital part of the installation.

Install Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
Transform your living space with a stylish and functional electric fireplace installation.

Since the fireplace will give out a lot of heat when it is being used, you would not want to face an accident due to a flammable object, right?

Step 2

The second step of this process of setting up the fireplace includes the method of attaching brackets to the wall from which the fireplace will be connected to. Without the brackets, you will not be able to attach the fireplace.

Take the brackets which will be provided with your fireplace installation box and with the help of different tools attach these items to the wall. Make sure you use high-quality brackets because the fireplace will be pretty heavy. Try to use brackets made of hard plastic or metal.

Step 3

Install Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
Get ready to cozy up by the fire with a wall mounted electric fireplace installation.

after you have attached the brackets to the wall, the next step requires you to hand the fireplace from the brackets or connect it to them. So, there will be hooks from which you will be able to mount the fireplace without any hassles.

Make sure you read the manuals thoroughly and attach the machine to the brackets carefully and previously, to prevent any kind of accident or damage.

Step 4

Now you have almost finished setting up the fireplace. In this step, you are required to fix and assemble all the wires. Without setting the right wires, your machine will not work the right way.

Any kind of displacement in the wire arrangement can cause a mechanical failure. Your strip of wires should be ½ from the end and for much better safety. Read the manuals which will be provided with the fireplace for better instructions and guide.

After you have connected all the wires to all their respective ports, turn the machine on and check whether all of them are working or not. You will be notified if there is any problem with your wiring and thus you will need to fix them immediately.

Step 5

Once you have completed the above steps, it is time for the last and final stage – to add the finishing touches which will make your fireplace look prominent and clean. Use your preferred paint and make sure that you have cleaned all the adjacent areas.

The wires should also be appropriately arranged and prevent them from getting tangled for a safety installment.

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Install
No chimney? No problem! Enjoy the comfort of a fireplace with a wall mounted electric installation.

So these are the 5 important steps which you will need to follow and make sure that you have installed your fireplace the right way.

Every step which has been mentioned here is important and needs to be appropriately followed to maintain a safe and sound installation. We have thoroughly described all the steps and the precautions that you will need to take.

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By now I’m sure that you are aware of all the steps that need to be followed for proper installation of your modern fireplace. These fireplaces are sleek and stylish which goes well with the interior of any house.

You also get the option to customize them according to your own choices. Therefore these are becoming more popular every day, and you must not hesitate to invest in these brilliant fireplaces.

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