How To Install An Electric Tankless Water Heater?

With the enhancement in technology, a chunk of new wonders are beginning to flourish every other day. One of which is definitely the electric tankless water heater!

With a practical idea having to have implemented to ease your convenience, the electric tankless water heater does wonder!

Yes, with modern technology that is being induced in it to heat the water on a real-time basis. It surely solves the problem of water running cold in the middle of our shower!

Having said that, one must surely be eager to weigh the pros and cons of this amazing unit.

So, here are the essentials combed up:

How to install an electric tankless water heater

Upgrade your home with an electric tankless water heater for endless hot water.

Pros of getting an electric tankless water heater


Well, now this is something which can make our eyes and ears quite alert. Yes, this amazing unit will help you in cutting your costs when it comes to spending on energy costs.

Studies have proven that the families using this amazing unit have been saving almost 50% of their costs. So, as compared to the ones opting for regular heaters, they are ought to take out about 30% of their bills that cover the heater costs.

Compact, convenient, and cute

Well, getting a tick mark on all the 3 "C's" takes a lot of effort. Surprisingly, the best electric tankless water heater has made an attempt to bagging all the three essentials!

Here's how. The tankless water heater is designed in such an aspect that it should not gobble up the floor space. The idea is to fit in your place by being wall-mounted and thus ruling out the constraint of space shortage.

Efficient, energetic and durable

Being a sturdy piece of unit, this amazing heater is durable enough to sustain for at least 20+ years. On regular maintenance, you can surely enjoy the hot bliss as twice as compared to a regular water heater.

Now that we have made our point in grabbing your attention by mentioning the cool features, it's time to shift the spotlight.

Cons of having an electric tankless water heater


Well, having remarked as an electric heater, it doesn't let you have hot water instantly. It does take some time to finally get your hot water. Probably, more than the regular ones for that matter.

Depends on the heating unit

As the water is heated on the go, you cannot expect 3-4 showers simultaneously. Well, is you are quite big as a family, then, you might surely be disappointed.

Hard water? Nah!

Yes, if you are from a region where you are used to getting hard water, then, the tankless water heater is the last thing you would choose.

We agree that most of the other types of heaters also can't stand hard water. But, especially with the tankless one, hard water is going to create the mess for a big-time!

Well, now, it's convenient to make your choice and proceed further. If you opt for the tankless water heater, then, here's something.

Guidance to install the tankless water heater

Depends on the heating unit

Upgrade your home with a tankless water heater – here's how to install one!

First, as a safety measure, make sure you have switched off all the related circuits followed by turning off the water supply.

If you already have a heater, then, detach it and start clearing out the water it has.

After making sure that everything is clear in your way, look for the anchors and screws of the tankless water heater. Usually, these should come with the package itself. If not, try and fetch some.

Now, before you commence wall-mounting your new tankless unit, make sure to take out the front cover.

Well, go for allocating the right-hand side to be running cold water, and whereas the left-hand side is expected to serve hot water.

Now, you can go for installing a shut-off valve after making sure of the placement. As the shut-off valve is installed before and after the heater, you need not worry about turning off the water supply whenever necessary.

On the hot water side, you may choose to go for installing a pressure relief and temperature valve only if advised.

Also, the pressure reduction valve which is installed on the R.H.S is expected to cut-down the threshold whenever the pressure is more than expected.

Now, check for any leakage, cross-connection, or any other minor/major mistakes once you turn on the hot water outlets.

We advise you to look for the user's manual to get your electrical connection right. As the models and their installation differs from one another, you can refer to the user's manual while connecting.

Get the front cover back followed by turning the related circuit breakers on. Stabilize the temperature of the hot water outlet.


Well, the tankless water heater definitely amazes you with its practical uses. Go for it if you are sure that there are not more than 2 users at a time.

Also, this electric tankless water heater is cute enough to be compact which will suffice to make its first impression!

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