How To Clean An Electric Fireplace Insert

How to clean an electric fireplace insert is an integral part of your fireplace maintenance. Yes, in comparison to a vintage wood fireplace, maintaining a modern electric fireplace is obviously a simpler task, but it is important to keep it clean to stay safe and enjoy longer service life of your appliance.

Energy efficiency is the buzz word for buying most of the home appliances. An electric fireplace is the no exception to this rule. More the fireplace insert is well maintained, better will be the energy efficiency of the gadget.

Obviously, you can buy the most energy efficient electric fireplace insert. It is designed in a way that will save your energy bill for sure. But unless you know the cleaning method of your smart electric fireplace, the efficiency of the gadget will surely drop down.

This is the reason it is extremely important to learn the tricks to clean an electric fireplace insert. Although there are different types of fireplace inserts in the market, the general cleaning process hardly varies in accordance with designs, forms, or fittings.

Clean an Electric Fireplace Insert

Fresh and clean, just like the day it was installed.

The general rule of cleaning electric fireplace inserts 

Generally, electric fireplace inserts are easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain. These inserts are mostly vent-less because they hardly require any outside ventilation.

Electric fireplace inserts are exclusively designed with hidden electric burners fitted behind the pseudo-logs.

These insert models are constructed to run on the adequate power supply. So besides cleaning, check the power cords and the LED lamps link to your insert.

Proper maintenance of these components is equally important as the health of your fireplace insert.

Cleaning an electric fireplace insert

Electric fireplaces are not like wooden or gas fireplace, which you have to clean quite frequently. An electric fireplace insert may need occasional cleaning, and it is a trouble-free task.

However, it is important to clean the insert at least once a year. Annual cleaning will help you to maintain the fresh look of the fireplace as well as it will help you to check the inside electrical components.

You will get most of the model-specific cleaning suggestions in your product manual.

However, a few general steps are mentioned here.

Disconnect the machine from the power supply

Before cleaning the fireplace, let the heater be cool enough so that cleaning the hot heater becomes easier for you. Also, unplug the gadget to stay shock-proof.

Clean the heater

Start your cleaning spree with the inside-heater. Take a dry and clean piece of cotton cloth. Now wipe the surface wall of the heater gently.

Take the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner or arrange a similar brush tool. Now clean the heater’s outlet.

You will find dust particles, maybe some carbon residues, and debris accumulation here. Once you remove these unwanted particles, it will restore your heater’s performance.

You have to clean both sides of the glass

Your next target is the front glass panel. Its removal process may vary from one fireplace model to another. Consult your user manual for model specific instruction.

Once the glass panel is removed, clean both the sides of the glass insert with a soft piece of cotton cloth. Do not use strong cleaners or abrasive wiper: take care so that the glass remains scratch less as maximum as possible.

Take semi-damp soft duster to clean the dirt. Take double care to wipe off all the water spots if any. Otherwise, the stunning sparkle of the insert will get badly compromised.

Dust the Interior

Dust particles are invincible and can enter anywhere. Inside your electric fireplace, you will find the same intrusion. Just clean the accumulated dust with a soft piece of cloth or a soft-bristled brush tool.

Once done, place the glass panel in the fireplace assembly. (First timers may follow the user manual for restoring the panel).

Now the cleaning task is complete. To be honest, with this detailed info you may help others in learning how to clean an electric fireplace insert without much hassle. Indeed it's an easy task, but you must do it with utmost care.

Plug the gadget and check how it’s performing. You will surely enjoy uninterrupted service but in case if you find something unusual after cleaning, call your authorized service technician.

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