Homcom 16″ 1500W Free Standing Electric Wood Stove

Look who's peeping in! Oh yeah! Winter it is! A reason to enjoy your laziness to its peak without having to be guilty! A warm surrounding, a cozy blanket to sneak in, one good book or a spectacular movie and some wine are all you need during winters.

A fireplace is here to help you keep your surrounding environment warm and refreshed. The electric stove heaters are designed to spread the touch of warmth with a glowing flame all over the occupied place. HomCom 16" 1500W Free Standing Electric Fireplace offers you the ease of operation and comfort.

Reasons to applaud!


This electric fireplace stove heater is best suitable for small rooms, your workplace, home, den or a garage. This freestanding electric fireplace is capable of heating up to 323 sqft.


The unit can heat up the surrounding with a mesmerizing heat which can be set in 2 different levels and even provide just a glimpse of the cracking fire without heating up.

Adjustable thermostat

This electric fireplace stove heater comes home with an adjustable thermostat. Also, the thermal safety cut off switch helps you in preventing the unit from being overheated by turning off the unit.

Thus, as a measure of safety, the appliance provides you with a sophisticated set of safety concerns.

Maintenance free!

As it is budget friendly, this electric fireplace stove heater comes in handy with a bundle of safety concerns. Guess what? It is maintenance free! The energy saving and cost effective formula make the unit even more blockbuster!

Unlike the traditional unit, you do not have to worry about cleaning up the mess or being stuck in a "danger zone". This modernized version of a wood stove helps you in having a hassle free usage wherein No mess guaranteed!

The flame effect

As mentioned earlier, the unit knocks the home with 2 adjustable heat settings. You can create your own ambiance with the desired level of heat, i.e. heat ranging from 750 Watt to 1,500 Watt. Also, the electric stove heater comes with an LED. Thus, you can easily adjust the brightness according to your desire.

Coming to the flame effect, you will never be dissatisfied with the sparkling function of the displayed flames! The realistic flames leave you awestruck with its glowing warmth all over!

Timer zone!

The appliance also comes with an automatic shut off timer wherein you can easily adjust the required time to shut off the unit. Thus, you are free to go out, take n "Unplanned" long nap without having to worry about switching off the appliance.

And more

  • The unit is vent free.
  • It is super easy to assemble.
  • The unit is inclusive of all the hardware.
  • The compact size makes the unit to move quickly and easily.
  • An elegant piece of decor capable of heating up the occupied space.

The Homcom 16" 1500W Free Standing Electric Wood Stove Fireplace Heater is more like a "Ready to pack and use" electric heater due to its compactness and durability.

As it occupies less space and functions with more ease and flexibility, it is best suitable to serve the supplement heat to a tiny home or a small workplace. The elegant appearance and its classy function add a rare beauty to the place.

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