4 Health Benefits Of Having An Electric Fireplaces

Technology has blessed us in ways we could have never imagined. Networking, transportation, finance- everything has been graced by the hand of technology.

Speaking about blessings, how great would it be if you could enjoy the warmth of a fireplace in the chilly winters without worrying about health hazards? Is it even possible?

Yes, it is! Thanks to technology, electric fireplaces are a thing. A safe and effective way to heat up a room, electric fireplaces is perhaps the best thing that your money can buy in these chilly winter months. But are they actually safe and good for your health? Let’s get into it and find out!

Electric fireplaces and health benefits

On first sight, it seems that electric fireplaces negate all hazards of conventional fireplaces. This is correct, to a large extent. What do they do for us and the environment? Read on and find out!

Health Benefits of Having an Electric Fireplace

A. No fumes at all!

Perhaps the biggest health benefit of having an electric fireplace over a conventional one is the lack of fumes. As we know, these fumes contain carcinogens and other harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide.

Inhaling these fumes can be fatal for both humans as well as pets. Thus, a big reason for the popularity of these electric fireplaces is the absence of any kinds of fumes, thus saving us from deadly diseases.

B. General safety

Traditional fireplaces are notorious for getting uncontrollably hot. These in turn then pose threats to the safety of people sitting around the fireplace, especially children, since they have a hard time keeping their hands to themselves.

Many times, it may also happen that due to the excessive heat, nearby objects may burn or catch fire.

Electric fireplaces are easily controllable and do not get excessively hot. Pets or children that might wander near them are at no risk of burning themselves since safety precautions are taken usually make sure that the outer portion of the electric fireplace will be cool.

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C. Good for your financial health too!

Admit it or not, money is actually very closely related to your health! The truth is that installation, assembly and maintenance costs for traditional fireplaces can run into thousands of dollars, typically in the USD 7000-10000 range.

These do not include chimney cleaning costs, wood, and other miscellaneous expenses. If you consider getting gas fireplaces, then they would cost anywhere in the range of USD 5000 for basic materials, installation and finishing.

Electric fireplaces are by far the cheapest option. What’s more is that they also come with zonal heating options, which can heat only the room that you’re in, and lowering the overall temperature of your home by about 15 degrees.

No chimney cleaning, no inspections, no checks- just plug in your electric fireplace and feel the heat!

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D. Fireplaces and air purifiers

If you are looking to breathe clean and fresh air, go for electric fireplaces which have air filters in them. Conventional fireplaces do give you the warmth, but they pollute the air around you.

Electric fireplaces fitted with air purifiers give you twice the benefits! You get clean air to breathe in, plus, you get to keep yourself warm in the cold winter months. What more can a person ask for?

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Some safety precautions

Of course, with electric appliances come a few safety precautions that must be taken. A similar case exists with electric fireplaces, with typical safety concerns such as fuses and wiring that must be taken care of.

For large electric fireplaces, you may need to use special wiring or surge protectors. Also, keep in mind the method of heat discharge of your appliance. If you place it the wrong way, it might overheat and cause risks to the safety of people in the room.

Objects near the fireplace should be adequately distanced from it, to stop them being damaged from the heat. For instance, TVs mounted over a top-discharge fireplace are at risk of being damaged by the heat release.

Secure mounting, cabling and wiring are important to reduce safety risks. Once all that is taken care of, freely enjoy your electric fireplace!

There you have it! If you are looking to get a fireplace to keep yourself and your family warm, consider going for an electric fireplace. With health benefits unmatched, you are sure to enjoy the heat in the chilly winters!

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