End Of Season Fireplace Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Chilling weather which makes us run towards something warm, something cozy. Winters are mostly spent by grabbing a warm, fussy blanket, a cup of coffee, and a book to read!

While some thoroughly enjoy their winters hopping out from their homes and enjoying the adventurous sports. It's fun to learn something new every winter! Putting an effort to practice and coming home and creating a warm ambiance, winter surely is something special!

In both situations, one thing is common which looking for some warm ambiance. We pamper ourselves to fight against this freezing situation by welcoming the best fireplace to balance the freezing weather.

Here are the cleaning and maintenance tips to keep your fireplace work fine for years to rejoice! So, here's something to make you realize WHY is the cleaning and maintaining of the fireplace are important.

You should clean your fireplace especially during the end of the season because:

Fireplace Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Ensure your fireplace is ready for the next cold snap with our seasonal maintenance tips.

Cleaning leads to a well-organized process

It is evident that frequent use of fireplace has led soot and creosote to build up enormously. Thus, having the stack piled-up is likely to reduce the working efficiency of the fireplace.

Plan a schedule to clean your fireplace regularly and especially during the end of winters. Stick to your schedule and you can make the fireplace warm your home for many years ahead.

Staying safe is our preliminary concern

Fireplace fulfills its duty by keeping your home warm and cozy. It puts your comfort first. Likewise, it is our responsibility to clean the fireplace.

Like every other piece of equipment, the fireplace does accumulate dirt too. Creosote, soot, ash, and other such waste materials likely to stack up when used. If not cleaned them, there are transformed into fire burns causing some serious damage to you and your home.

This is solely the result of one's negligence and laziness when it comes to cleaning the fireplace! As the fireplace is not built in a way to clean itself, we must do so!

By cleaning the fireplace, you can save huge expenses on the potential damage if not cleaned!

Cleaning tips

Check if the fireplace is still warm

Before commencing your cleaning session, the very important step is to check if the fireplace is lit or not. Wait until the fireplace is cooled completely.

Just so you know, it takes about 18-20 hours to cool down completely. Never proceed to clean anyway without checking for the fires too have cooled down.

Make sure to layer up your home

Yes, before proceeding further, you need to spread some old sheets on your furniture, floors, carpets, and other valuable decors.

As we made a pact to eradicate the dust accumulated in the fireplace, we need to make sure the same doesn't reside anywhere!

Rub, rub, and rub!

Once you have secured your surroundings with a layer, it's time to start your cleaning session. Start with giving a "clean dose" to the fireplace itself, here we commence our task!

Having a soft and smooth brush comes in handy to sweep off the dust across the mantelpiece. If not, you can go for cloth too. Take an old, soft cloth, dampen it and start with cleaning it.

Say NO to liquid products

We don't recommend you to make use of water in this cleanup process as it is hazardous. Especially when you own a fireplace made of metal, using water can mainly lead to the forming of the rust.

Thus, to compensate for this during your cleaning process, we advise you to make use of wire wool to clean and drag the dust out of the fireplace.

Tada! Now, this was not that bad! Having your fireplace cleaned properly during the end of the season will lessen your worries, enhances its efficiency, and boosts in some warm coziness!

Maintaining tips

Bring home smoke detectors

As safety is a major concern, we advise you to get carbon monoxide and smoke detector. It keeps a regular check on the amount of smoke and will notify you if the smoke percentage turns out to be hazardous.

Scrub. Clean. Repeat

Although you know the fact that the firebox tends to be pretty clean, you have to give a check regularly.

Do not forget to clean it regularly as it is evident to welcome some potential damage. Thus, plan it according to your schedule and maintain the same cleaning process.

Never let the smoke to gather

As you already know that the accumulated smoke can invite hazardous situations, it is recommended to get rid of the smoke. Once you notice that the smoke is building up, it is mainly because of the uncleaned chimney.

Your mere negligence can cost you a fortune! However, it is advised to get the chimney cleaned from a professional.

Sparing a mere amount of time in cleaning and maintaining the fireplace pays off. Once the winters bid a good-bye, manage your time and clean the fireplace and lessen the unnecessary spending, and damage!

No matter how many tips you gather or how expensive is your fireplace, it demands to be cleaned. With sufficient know-how, you can easily cheer yourself into loving what you are doing! It all starts by keeping it clean and maintaining regularly!

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