Should You Be Worried About Electricity Bill While Using Electric Fireplace

I wonder, the technology has taken a secret pact never to stop amusing the mankind! A loop hop from a basic landline to a classy, stylish Smartphone, a journey from Oh-I-don’t-know-where-I-am saga to “get the maps on dude!”. Phew! What not?

You know, adding more charm to the “Surprise list” doesn’t really has an end! Sure. Technology does evolve! And one of the mind-blowing examples includes – An electric fireplace!

An electric fireplace excels the art of being decorative and efficient. Although it doesn’t produce as much heat as the traditional wood fireplace, it can get back having its edge by being energy efficient. In fact, it soothes the ambiance without being smoky at all! Smart! Isn’t it?

Here’s the typical usage of electricity

Just so you know, the usage of power by an electric fireplace is merely about 1,500 Watts.

  • If you like to use the electric fireplace concerning decorative purpose, say, “No heat” and “Flames only”, it costs you around 0.003 to 3 cents an hour as an operational cost.
  • If you wish to set them to the heater powers, probably 50% in use(by turning ON and OFF at times), they can make up to 9 cents per hour of your electricity bill.
  • Now, note that you can expect the operational cost being double, i.e., 18 cents per hour if you want to set the electric fireplace to its maximum level of heat so that you can keep your place all warmed up.

So, with all the permutation and combination, the end result is, the electric fireplace makes about $50 to $80 per year of the electricity. So, this is far better than the gas fireplace striking with $200 to $500 a year!

typical usage of electricity for electric fireplace

NOTE: The costs may vary depending on the electricity usage costs and the regions.

So, now that you exactly know the actual cost figure, it is on you to choose to worry or not about your electricity bills!

Now, apart from the “electric” advantage, what else it can surprise us with? Yeah right! With more advantages!

Advantages (Pros) of the electric fireplace:

  • It enhances the beauty of the home by being classy and stylish.
  • The modern electric fireplace merely takes about 6 inches to 8 inches of the place. So, yes, it is a great space saver!
  • The installation is super easy as the electric fireplace inserts have a wide range of options in shape and size. So, it is entirely your call to choose the best one that matches with your furniture to say bookshelves, TV stands and so on.
  • Smaller house or apartment? Don’t you worry! A small electric fireplace is more than happy to get along the coziness and serve you by keeping your place warm and cheering up the ambiance.
  • Unlike other fireplaces, it has not got any real flame which burns the combustible fuel, which makes the electric fireplace possess a longer span of life.
  • If you keep shifting frequently, then, the portability factor of the electric fireplace saves you from being “Freak-zoned”! It is so portable that you can keep switching the rooms!
  • As the electric fireplace does not demand any gas lines or chimneys, it is the best thing to go for if you live in an apartment or a rented house.
  • Just as the installation is super easy, so is the cost! Yes, the electric fireplace makes it easier to handle the expenses as compared to wood or gas fireplaces.
  • If you promise to change their bulbs say for about every 2 years, they charge you with 0% maintenance fee!
  • As they don’t own an actual flame, you are free from being “Fire alarmed.”

Maybe the list follows an “infinite” theme. So, let us shift the spotlight on the Cons of the electric fireplace.

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Cons of the electric fireplace:

If you are a die-hard fan of the traditional fireplace wherein you are being acquainted with the ambiance it serves, then, these are for you. If that ambiance doesn’t really make any bigger deal, then, the cons can be ignored.

  • The major drawback is that the electric fireplace doesn’t have the real, the original flames. So, it all depends on the people how well they get used to the artificial flames.
  • You might miss the fun play wherein you rub your hands and feel the actual warmth.
  • As there are no “Sound effects” such as popping and crackling, you might feel being wrapped in somewhat a subtle ambiance.
  • If you are facing frequent power cuts in your area, then, the usage of the electric fireplace is not that fun as they are completely dependent on electricity.

However, the electric fireplace is well-known and popularly in demand for its high efficiency, budget-friendly nature, “electricity” friendly nature and overall pros. It all depends on the human mindset of how to be a “Pro” by ignoring the minor cons!

So, cheers to technology for coming up with such great inventions, and as a thank you, I also want to say, “Dear Technology, keep surprising us!”.

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