Is it Safe to Leave The Electric Fireplace on Overnight?

The electric fireplace area in every home grabs most of the love when compared to other places in the house! Yes, a blanket, a hot coffee, an exciting novel or a movie are enough to create a relaxing environment in a warm and cozy ambiance.

Of course, the electric fireplaces have the magical powers of changing our bad mood and frustration into a lovable and a relaxing moment by creating and welcoming us with a warm hug! But, as safety is the most concerned priority, we need to be cautious of the facts which might lead to danger.

When it comes to a traditional wood fireplace, of course, it is totally unsafe and dangerous to leave the fireplace on and unattended for a long duration.

As the wood oil tends to build up the moisture, this might result in chimney-related hazards or could get even worse by covering the place full of smoke! Thus, the traditional wood fireplace needs constant attention.

In case of a gas fireplace, the presence of carbon monoxide in the fuel is the crucial step to a hazard. Thus, make sure to keep the objects far away from the gas fireplace as a safety measure.

Comparison 3 Types of Electric Fireplace

So, looking at all the pros and cons of the fireplaces, I suggest getting an electric fireplace is the smart choice! After in-depth research regarding all of the safety concerned questions, this list boils down into 2 basic questions that cover the answers to every other safety-related questions:

  • Can the electric fireplace be switched on for a long interval of time?
  • Is it safe to leave the electric fireplace on overnight?

The answer is a big, fat “YES”. But, to be in a safe circle, you need to check on some preliminary safety measures.

Here you go:

  • Don’t forget to set the electric fireplace to a moderate temperature. Thus, you don’t have to bear the over-heating dilemma!
  • If you are one of those “Senior citizens”, who tend to be forgetful most of the times, go for an electric fireplace which has the automatic switch off option. Even if you forget, you don’t have to worry about the electric fireplace as it is automatically switched off after some time.
  • Well, if your current phrase is “I am broke”, then, this one’s for you! Switching off the electric fireplace when not in use can make your electricity bills “Panic free”! Yes, you can surely save some amount of your money by switching the electric fireplace only when required.
  • Do not place any items nearby the electric fireplace as they can get heated up and make the situation worse.
  • You can also install the smoke detector in your home.
  • Pay attention to the cords on a daily basis. Check if it is in a working condition and if not, do not operate the electric fireplace with a damaged or a malfunctioning cord.
  • Decorating every corner of the house increases the beauty. But, decorating on, above or near the electric fireplace is strictly NOT recommended.
  • The electric fireplaces are designed for indoor use only. Never ever use the electric fireplace for outdoor purpose. The exposure to the humid weather might result in a hazardous situation.

Now that you know the Safe-zone etiquettes, let us now shift the spotlight on “When to turn off the electric fireplace?”

Here you go:

  • The weird smell: If you notice any weird smell near the electric fireplace, the very first thing you should do is to turn off the electric fireplace. The weird smell can be due to overheating of the wires which might end up burning the insulation.
  • Usage of the extension cord: If you are using the extension cord, then, keeping the electric fireplace on for hours can be ruthlessly dangerous. The cord might ignite a dangerous hazard, and within no moment, it can start catching up the fire! Thus, it is totally unsafe to leave the electric fireplace on while using the extension cord.
  • “Sleep mode” on: If you are a person who is a dreadful sleeper, then, the foremost thing you should do before going to sleep is to switch off the electric fireplace. So, you are no more threatened of having to capture any of the hazardous situations in your dreams!

Every spark emitted can be joyous or hazardous. Well, it all depends on how well we address all the issues! Paying minimal attention to the cords, wires, the smell, and other related criteria can turn the ambiance into your desired way.

If not given the required care and if you neglect any of the hints of the upcoming danger, then, you are solely responsible for the situations thereafter.

Thus, keeping an electric fireplace on overnight is acceptable when you promise to place the safety priorities first. Of course, every object comes with a “Caution” attached. Thus, it is our responsibility to be cautious regarding the safety measures because safety is the preliminary concern of every individual.

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