Does Electric Fireplace Have Any Positive Impact On The Environment?

Fireplace came into being long ago when people felt crying necessity to save themselves from the chilling cold. Woods and logs had been the fuel and nobody questions on it.

At the onset of human fighting against chilling cold fireplace became the most attractive place in the house.

Then electricity came, came gas and various fuels. Thinking started on which fuel would be better in availability and cost considerations. Aesthetic senses in human being grew more and more.

Intrigued people the looking, the beauty and the architectural view of the fireplace in relation to other interior decorations of the house. The present day fireplaces are treated as beauty spots of the house. Its use has increased many folds.

Call to save environment

Scientists, environmentalists, and thinkers have been alarming people for years together to protect nature from pollution. Presently people are much more aware in designing, manufacturing, marketing, above all in using environment-friendly appliances, machines and equipment.  

Position of electric fireplace

Electric Fireplace had to face the controversies to occupy posts in the dwelling houses. In the tests, fireplaces of various coverings appeared. The cover headings were Wood Fireplace, Gas Fireplace and Electric Fireplace.

Electrical Fireplaces seems to have the highest sale. The popularity is due to its rational approach towards the clean environment in addition to other advantages and benefits.

There are many positive impacts of Electric Fireplace on the environment in comparison to wood and gas fireplaces.

Positive impact-interior and exterior

Electric power system runs under national and international regulations and close supervisions. Many authorities are working throughout the world for fail-safe operation and environmental issues of electricity production.

Where from are the electric fireplaces drawing propelling power?

It is from the electricity supply system which in turn has to cross various tests of occupational and environmental safety. On the top of all these, user’s responsibilities still remain.

Pollution from wood fireplaces

Wood smoke contains toxic carbon monoxide, smog-causing nitrogen oxides, soot, fine particles and a range of other chemicals and gases.

These can cause or worsen serious health problems, particularly among children, pregnant women and people with breathing difficulties (ref: MDEP).

Pollution From Wood Fireplaces


Wood smoke is also bad for the outdoor environment, contributing to smog, acid rain and other problems. Wood pellets are better as they burn almost completely leaving fewer pollutants to escape. Still, the operational activities give spaces for leaking pollutants inside and outside.

Pollution from GAS fireplace

All gas heating appliances produce water vapor, carbon dioxide and usually a very small amount of carbon monoxide. If not correctly installed and maintained the products of combustion might change and become hazardous for indoor and outdoor atmosphere.

How safe the electric fireplace

The above pollution's do not occur with electric fireplaces. Besides, they have many positive impacts on the environment as follows.

How safe the electric fireplace

No fear of fire

No creosote build- up in electric fireplace, which is obvious in case of fossil fuel burning in gas and wood fireplaces. Creosote causes the fire. Embers can also create fire from the wood fireplace. The electric fireplace is free from this type of accident.

Electric fireplace is the safest in respect of burning by fire from its own operating fuel. No combustion of fuel takes place in the electric fireplace. Inhabitants, kids and pets have no fear of fire and the outdoor atmosphere is free from pollution and fire havoc.

No Off-Gas

Off-gassing means release of gases that were dissolved, trapped, frozen or absorbed in materials. These releases are common for wood and gas when these are put in fireplaces. Off-gases pollute interior air and thus trigger diseases. You do not put anything in electric fireplaces.

No harmful emission

What happens when wood and gas are burnt in the fireplace? They emit harmful gases and fumes like carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO). Electric fireplaces take power from the national grid, questions of harmful gases do not arise. How beautiful!

No real flame

The flames occurring in an electric fireplace is not real. So it is not harmful. This is just for giving you taste of watching flame while warming yourself. The lucrative designs along with the creation of artificial flames have made the electric fireplaces the focal points in the houses.


Nothing can be absolutely above questions. Electric fireplace receives electric power through cable and control equipment. Cable and control equipment should be of proper capacity and properly installed and maintained otherwise fire may occur inside and outside of the house.

The top of the electric fireplaces are usually heavy. Proper anchoring is important otherwise they may topple down creating an uncontrollable situation.

**MDEP-Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

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