Does An Electric Fireplace Have A Real Flame?

The very first thing that pops into our mind while spending some time around the electric fireplace for the first time is " Why can't I hear the clicker sound?".

Glowing warmth

The primary purpose of any fireplace (electric/traditional/gas) is to keep the surrounding environment warm. Here, in the electric fireplace, the warmth is achieved by pairing the heating coil with a fan which is responsible for pushing the heated air into the acquired place.

The air pushed is sufficient enough to keep the ambiance warm and cozy! The urge to make a realistic flame was so high which led to many "realistic looking" inventions.

The attractive flames produced by the electric fireplace can easily trick the people into assuming that they are real flames.

What makes me wonder is, the simple trick which creates the essence of natural flame! Yes, having a light bulb (mostly an LED bulb), a silver refractor which possesses the 3-dimensional patterns are enough to create the flames that flicker as if they are real. In short, they are smart enough to create an illusion of the actual flame to fool the people around.

Fuel surprise!

The realistic flames of an electric fireplace give their best in welcoming you with a warm hug by creating a soothing and relaxing environment. You do not need to be worried about cleaning the mess, sweeping the floor coated with a layer of ash or a dirty chimney! The only thing the electric fireplace demand is to sit and enjoy the warmth with a glazy flickering effect.

All in all, if you are planning for a not-so-messy relaxation this winter, then, I would suggest getting an electric fireplace which is hassle-free and easy to move! The coal, the wood logs, and the metal piping surely add some essence to the naturally dancing fire with a flicker effect, of course! You can easily switch the rooms without having to worry about the chimney, fuel, and other unnecessary things!

If "Keep moving" is your part of the routine, then, the electric fireplace is more than happy to accompany you as it is power-packed with the needy advantages:

  • Easy to move.
  • Super easy installation.
  • Mess? A big, fat "NO"!
  • Realistic flames and a cozy environment.
Does an electric fireplace have a real flame

The ambiance created by the artificial flames are enough to make you feel at home! Thus, the electric fireplace comes in handy with all the convenience it could possibly provide.

Summer special

If you wish to enjoy your summer and make it special by looking at the glazing flames, then, this one is for you. Make yourself comfortable to shut the heating coil off so that you can totally enjoy the flicker without getting sweaty and irritated!

As the surface tends to remain cool even while the heat is on, it is convenient for the parents not to worry about their toddlers! As there is no mess created during the heating session, the kids are free to play around without having a restricted play area.

Decorative flame

As the electric fireplace comes in handy with a minimal budget, it can be used to increase the elegance of the home by matching it with the other interiors say bookshelves, TV stand, dining table, and many different decors. The electric fireplace easily fits in and takes a minimal amount of space and yet lighting your home with a delightful and a natural looking flame!

Feel at home

Even though the motor under the flame creates the illusion of the flame movement, the wooden logs, and the bed of coal makes it even more appealing by creating a realistic impression!

Yes, I agree with the point that the warmth created is artificial, but, the flexibility and the cleanliness the electric fireplace offers is far beyond the limits. Thus, the lighting flame, the sound of crackles makes it cozier. Yes, makes me feel at home!

With a wide range of options in the designs, the best electric fireplace is happy to light your home with the ease and convenience. Yes, I do agree that the flame is the one where you wish to have a second thought before the purchase. In this robotic world, we hardly find time to clean up the mess and keep a track on the wood logs.

Check your cleaning efficiency before jumping into a decision. If the preference is given for a clean and warm environment, then, the tiny matter of "Artificial flavor" can be easily ignored! Actually, the point "being artificial" is stealing the thunder of the "Comfort" provided by the so-called "Artificial flames"!

What matters to you? A hassle-free environment or the urge to have the natural ambiance and ignoring about the "After effects"? Share your word of opinion.

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