Dimplex SMP – 904 – ST Fieldstone Pine And Stone-look Fireplace

A fireplace is a classic entity to have at home, it certainly provides an extra touch of architectural zeal.

Having an electric fireplace like Dimplex SMP-904-ST fieldstone electric fireplace means no pollutants, emissions or fumes.

Manufactured by Dimplex Inc, (who have an outstanding electric fireplace tech

Dimplex fieldstone fireplace is a beautifully crafted and decorative piece.


  • Appearance is natural stone, quite realistic one actually, and has a hand hewn pine mantel.
  • Also has that rustic appearance to qualify as a traditional fireplace.
  • With a realistic flame effect, it will provide a great ambiance in any room.
  • Speaking of which, Fieldstone electric fireplace comes with a patented 3D flame effect system from Dimplex.
  • Along with LED inner glow logs and pulsating ember technology.
  • Not to forget the adjustable flame speed and interior light.
  • Where 3 bulbs are situated below the logs that generate the flames and embers.
  • Another 2 bulbs provide illumination for log exterior which adds to the effect.
  • The glass panel in the front will remain cool, as there is no actual heat generation from the logs.
  • These stone electric fireplace logs are handcrafted, molded from real wood logs.


Dimplex stone fireplace comes with a fan forced heater, it uses a standard 120 volt power outlet.

This heat can be controlled thermostatically, it is designed to heat 400 sq ft room.

These electric heaters are not entirely free of limitations, to put it simply they will not heat your whole house.

But don't consider it as a downfall because the heating depends on how much electricity it can pull through a household circuit and outlet safely.


A set of manual controls are located beneath the fire box behind the access flap.

It's not really convenient, and the remote is only on/off (A 2 type).

With this limitation, any "on the fly" changes to heat or flame effects has to be done manually at the fireplace.

List of controls you will find at the fireplace.

  • Flame action (adjusting speed).
  • Light dimmer (adjusting interior brightness).
  • Heater switch (turning on/off).
  • Thermostat.

Remote comes into play, once you set your preferences. As it only enables you to turn on/off the fireplace.


Dimplex SMP-904-ST rustic electric fireplace unit has a height of 42-11/16 inches, and width is 55-5/ 8 inches.

The depth of the unit is 14 inches, and the width of the firebox is 26 inches.

The firebox is supplied with a 6 feet long power cord.

The overall weight of the unit is around 200 lbs.


  • Very well constructed and sturdy.
  • Looks elegant, with all the effects, it's hard to notice the difference at first glance.
  • Easy assembly, takes about 30 - 40 minutes.
  • Heat output is better than expected.
  • Worth the price, especially due to the quality of the fireplace.
  • Operates silently other than the heater fan.
  • Mantle is quite pretty, it has a real country look.


  • The unit is made of fiberglass splinters, which leaves you with micro cuts and bit itchy. So remember to wear gloves.
  • Remote does not have more than 2 functions, which makes it a bit tedious.
  • For some people, faux stone color seems a little a less realistic.

Nevertheless with 81% people awarding 5 out of 5 stars, and 10% giving 4 out of 5, which leads to a combined total of 91%.

We must say that's outstanding buyer satisfaction.

Follow These Tips: Cleaning & Maintenance Tips.

Final Verdict

This well built electric fireplace with a stone and rustic look is a lot sturdier than other electric fireplaces.

This craftsmanship justifies the price tag, flame effects are good, and the heater is an efficient one.

I for one would strongly recommend the purchase of this item.

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