Convert your Garage For More Space With These 5 Tips

In only a third of homes, garages are used to store vehicles, making them dumping grounds for clutter. An addition to your garage could create additional living space and increase the value of your home.

During the recent lockdowns, many people have reassessed their residences. Forty-one percent of homeowners have renovated or extended their properties, and almost a quarter (23%) consider converting their garages. Learn more about garage conversion costs and planning.

Convert a garage into a new kitchen diner

Building a kitchen extension and incorporating the original garage is ideal for creating a spacious kitchen, dining, and living area.

Your house's value dramatically could rise if you convert your garage. Rather than extend their house, the owners of this house converted their integral garage into space to enlarge their existing kitchen, create a utility room and cloakroom, as well as create a dining room. In total, the project cost around £48,500.

Converting a garage into a home office is a great idea

One of the most popular garage conversion ideas is to create a new home office as there can't be many who don't need more home workspace these days.

For children to carry out their homework or for you or another family member to have a quiet and organized workplace, garage conversions make great home offices.

The garage is often located away from the main living areas and has a separate entrance for work-related guests. Ensure that there is plenty of storage, plenty of extra power outlets, and a good source of sunlight. You may also think about including a sink, a toilet, and an area to make tea and coffee.

Kids' playroom

As schools closed and social and sporting events ceased during the pandemic, families clamored for space and stepped on each other. Playrooms in garages give kids a place of their own to relax, play, and keep toys away from the main living areas. You can have some fun decorating and furnishing this room with the appropriate furniture.

Gym at home

Transform your garage into a personal fitness sanctuary.

Over 76 percent of people in the UK have tried working out at home during the pandemic, and over 66 percent prefer it. Online fitness classes and resources have also grown in popularity, making it easier to stay in shape while at home. Having a gym in your garage is a great way to save money and create a workout space tailored to your needs.

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Convert your garage into a utility room

Repurposing garages adjacent to kitchens as utility rooms or boot rooms is another way to put them to good use. If you have pets and want them to enjoy the outdoors, you should have a utility room. Utility rooms are also great for keeping laundry out of the way. With them, you can easily incorporate a back door, and if you don't already have one, you can add a downstairs WC.

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