Comfort Smart Jackson Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove Heater

You know, of all the seasons, winter is more pleasant and heart whelming! With its chilling beauty and its own charm, it paints a mesmerizing picture!

In this cold and freezing weather, all we need is the warm hug and a cozy ambiance to relax! What could it be? Yes, a fireplace it is! A fireplace has got all you will ever need - Warmth and the cozy ambiance.

Comfort Smart Jackson Infrared Electric Fireplace is a convertible electric fireplace which makes your home warm and glowing. You can easily plug it into any standard wall outlet bearing 120 volts.

Spectacular features include


You will be glad to see the attractive electric fireplace. Also, the elegance is more brightened by the 3 glasses placed on the sides. Thus, reflecting the realistic flame all around.

Also, the doors and the legs are made of plastic to comfort the ease. This freestanding electric fireplace is more like a traditional fireplace which is why it is the flame effect appears to be more realistic and lively.

Flame effect

I bet you won't be able to crack the illusion of the realistic looking flames! The beautiful ember bed, the logs and the flickering sound with a glazy flame! Ah! Could it be more appealing?

You can also increase or decrease the level of the brightness ( among 5 levels f brightness) according to your mood. The realistic view creates a pleasant atmosphere and thus, spreading the warmth all around.

Remote control

To top up the relaxing and soothing ambiance, the Comfort Smart Jackson Infrared electric fireplace offers you the comfort you always wanted: Sit and relax! The multi-function remote offers you the perfect comfort you ever wanted.

Yes, this electric fireplace comes to our home with a tiny remote which acts more like a wish master! You can choose your range of temperature on the thermostat, turn the heat on or off, set the timer, and even choose the brightness level with just one touch!

The heat zone

The Comfort Smart Jackson Infrared electric fireplace is capable of producing heat ranging up to 4,800 BTU's at 1,500 watts. This electric fireplace is capable of spreading the heat up to 1,000 sqft.

Control panel

You can find the control panel behind the operable door. There, you can set the temperature, choose the level of brightness. Also, you can set the timer and choose to dump the unnecessary worry!

Also, it comes with one year warranty. You are also provided with a digital thermostat to make your relaxation even more comfortable. Choosing the required setting and creating a jovial atmosphere! Truly is a bliss!

Follow These Tips: Cleaning & Maintenance Tips.


Yes! To make your "Pamper sesh" even more comfortable, the Comfort Smart Jackson Infrared electric fireplace offers you to plug-in the unit to any desired place.

You can move this portable electric fireplace to any place in your home, or if you are one of those who is a "Wanderlust", then, this one is pretty much similar! You are free to carry it to your new home without any hassle. Remove it, carry over, and again, plug it in your new house or apartment.

Being one of the efficient and safe electric fireplaces, the Comfort Smart Jackson Infrared electric fireplace makes your home lit up with a glowing warmth and a pleasant ambiance! If you are looking for an easy to use, portable electric fireplace, then, you are definitely in the right place.

Apart from the supplement heat, the electric fireplace can also be used as a piece of decor which enhances the beauty of the place! So, this winter, bring home the piece of warmth which paints the mesmerizing picture and enjoy the memories of togetherness! Happy winters!

Comfort Smart Jackson Infrared electric fireplace

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