The Best Portable Electric Fireplace- (Buying Guide 2024)

A few days ago, I had to brush snow off my car before going to work. It made me think about how I rather sit in my room where it was warm. But my room isn’t very exciting. It only has a few windows and some vents for warm air to come in.

Maybe your room is similar, or perhaps you own a house with central air. Furnaces are great, but I can remember my parents having a fireplace. I enjoyed the smell and sound of wood burning when I was young. I even enjoyed splitting wood.

But now I’m in a city, and I rarely get to see the familiar sight of an old oak forest or pine trees swaying in the wind. Now it’s just a maple tree and an alley gracing my window.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. Take for instance having a portable electric fireplace. I realize that having a freestanding electric fireplace will not replace the need for a furnace, but it does produce heat, and it has the look of wood burning.

Best Portable Electric Fireplace Comparison Table

Weight:18 lbs
Assembly: Easy
Safety: Safety Cut Off
Flame: Realistic looking
Heating: 323 sq. foot
Efficiency: 750W/1500W
Material: Metal

Best Electric Fireplace

Weight: 116.5 lbs
Assembly: Medium
Safety: Auto Shut Off
Flame: Realistic looking
Heating: 400 sq. foot
Efficiency: 1500W
Material: Wood

Weight: 31 lbs
Assembly: Easy
Safety: Not specified
Flame: Realistic looking
Heating: 1,000 sq. foot
Efficiency: 1500W
Material: Metal

Best Portable Electric Fireplace Reviews

Perhaps you are considering purchasing a portable electric fireplace, but how you know what are the best portable fireplaces? Below are three of the best.

If you are looking for something that reminds you of a wood stove, then the HomCom freestanding electric heater is for you.

It has an elegant looking metal finish, tempered glass, and copper handles making it look like there’s a wood stove in your house or cabin.

It could also become an outdoor electric fireplace assuming you have a generator or some source of electricity.

For those outdoor enthusiasts, this electric fireplace is very portable for outdoor use, weighing only 18 pounds.

There are two heat settings. One is 750W,and the other is 1500W. There’s also an adjustable thermostat control allowing for the perfect sense of comfort.

The LED flame effect allows the look of a realistic looking flame. There is also adjustable brightness and heat settings allowing the owner to create the perfect environment.

This electric wood stove also has a great safety feature. For example, a thermal safety cut off switch comes with this unit. This switch prevents overheating and even turns off the fireplace if it happens to fall.

The small size allows this fireplace to be portable round the house.

This electric wood stove can heat a 323 square foot room. But the heat doesn’t have to be turned on. It’s also possible just the have the light effect without emitting heat.


  • The unit only comes with a 90-dollar price tag.
  • It looks like a wood stove, and the flames look like they are dancing on logs.
  • This 18 pounds fireplace can be easily transported to a cabin or to use at a friend’s house or garage.
  • Thermal safety cut off switch prevents overheating.


  • This has a low heat output and can only serve as supplemental heat.

The Southern Enterprises Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace will please your family and impress your friends.

This mission oak fireplace has oak grain paneling along with the columns and molding on top. It looks like it belongs in some English castle.

You will need to assemble the fireplace, but many reviewers felt the time involved in setting up the unit was a small price to pay considering the great authentic fireplace look.

Another added feature is how this portable electric fireplace is very portable and yet is sturdy enough to look like a permanent fixture. You can keep this unit in one place and it’s flat enough to place against a wall. It could even have a flat-screen TV placed on top.

There’s a realistic looking firebox with flames looking like they are swaying upon burning logs. There are also embers to complete the look of having a real fire.

The company had safety in mind when making this portable electric fireplace heater. It comes with an automatic shutoff and glass that remains cool to the touch. A great feature to have for those with curious children in the house.

There are also energy efficient LED lights. The LED lights allow you to adjust the brightness of the logs and thus saving money on electricity.

This electric fireplace space heater is great for providing warmth to a 400-square-foot living room.

There’s also a remote with some amazing features. For example, you can make adjustments in the temperature, flame height, and glow of the logs from the convenience of a recliner or sofa.

This realistic electric fireplace wouldn’t be portable for outdoor use unless you want to carry 116 pounds. If you want an outdoor electric fireplace, then you’ll need to look at a different product.


  • This electric fireplace is very freestanding and yet is large enough to support a 42-inch TV screen
  • This electric fireplace is made of oak paneling, making it look more like a piece of furniture that belongs in a house.
  • This electric fireplace space heater with an automatic shutoff feature and glass that is cool to the touch.
  • The unit comes with energy efficient LED lights.


  • There is more work involved in setting up this unit compared to other brands. 

This portable electric fireplace heater is composed of durable metal and elegant design. There are also three glass slides allowing for viewing in multiple directions. The flames are amazing to look at as they appear to dance upon burning logs.

The unit comes with a 4,800 BTU infrared heater that can provide supplemental heat for a 1,000 square foot room.

There’s even a remote that can adjust the heat from the comfort of your favorite recliner or sofa.

This freestanding electric fireplace could also become an outdoor electric fireplace assuming you have a source of electricity. I say this because of the 31 pounds. The lightweight makes this fireplace very portable in a car or truck as you travel to a campsite.


  • Many customers mentioned how great design this portable electric fireplace heater looks in their house or room.
  • One owner commented how the freestanding electric fireplace was easy to assemble with a screwdriver.
  • Reviewers enjoy the amount of heat coming from the electric fireplace space heater. One person used the heater in a 650 square foot cabin.
  • This fireplace is very portable weighing only 31 pounds and can easily be transported to different rooms or transported to a favorite cabin.


  • Material – The legs and base are plastic. They look like metal on the picture, but the material is plastic.

Points to Consider When Buying Portable Electric Fireplace

So, which of these portable fireplaces do you buy? A better question might be, what am I looking for in a portable fireplace heater?

Do you like the look of something rustic from a Medieval castle? Then get the Southern Enterprises brand.

Do you want something for your ice shack as you wait for a monster fish? Then consider the two lighter fireplaces that are more portable.

Do you have a large area to heat? Then the Comfort Smart Jackson is the one to get.

Are you concerned about the cost? Then buy the HomCom 16” Wood Stove.

Will it become a freestanding electric fireplace for the house with a TV on top? Then the Southern Enterprise Brand is the one for you.

Do you want something made of wood? Then get the Southern Enterprise Brand.

Do you like old movies where there’s a wood stove in the background? Do you wish to have the same look in your house or cabin? Then get a HomCom 16” wood stove and dream about being a farmer in the 19th century.


No matter your decision, you can rest in the fact that you will be getting a great bargain. So, get online or use your phone. Then do one of your favorite activities in the assurance that you have one of the best portable electric fireplaces in your house or cabin.