9 Best Fireplace Screen Reviews 2024 With Buying Guide

A fire screen is a safety accessory of a fireplace. Not only the visual impact, fireplace screens are also built with some user-friendly features for users’ benefits. Now, the billion-dollar question is if you are after buying from the cool fireplace screens, how you should filter your choice.

The best part of buying a modern fireplace screen is the availability of wide varieties of choice. The tricky part of buying this fireplace screen is finding the best out of many. The common variants are bowed, single panel, three panels, glass-made, decorative, and much more… that may make your job much perplexing!

Certainly, market strolling and product research are the two main criteria that may help you in buying a flat fireplace screen. While streaming in the market, we have consistently found that design, materials, and functionality were the three most important points consumers have focused on to date for their final product listing.

Best Fireplace Screen Reviews

At the time of doing the market research, we found that out of all available best fireplace screens, some of the models are doing pretty good and there is a consistent demand in the market about these products. Based on user rating and product features, we have selected a total of nine modern fireplace screens, and mentioned here for your quick view:

Panacea Products 15951 3-Panel arch screen with double bar for Fireplace is a prudent choice. It looks good, and as built with the best materials, the product lasts usually long.

The smart look is trendy enough that goes well with all types of furnishing and interior of the room. The product is steel made, hence completely durable. It can be folded, hence easier to transport if needed.

You can use this Panacea Product 15951 3-Panel both in indoor and outdoor. Wanted to keep your pets and toddlers safe from fireplace wreath? Panacea Products 15951 3-Panel is worth checking!

Features we especially liked:

  • Good looking: Smart look and excellently durable.
  • Compact and simple design: A 24-inch wide front plane and 12-inch wide panels on both sides make it stable enough.
  • Sturdy Enough: Steel mesh and frame guarantees climate friendliness and robust performance.
  • Folding benefits: The screen is fold able hence easy to store and carry if needed.
  • Hinged door: The in-built hinged door is an obvious advantage for hassle-free cleaning, temperature control, etc...
  • Budget price: Highly inexpensive and therefore affordable.
  • Low in maintenance: Simple, handy, and easy to clean.
  • Safe and reliable: It is pet-friendly as well as a kid-friendly product.


  • Versatile.
  • Durable and low in maintenance.
  • Pet-friendly.
  • Economy price.


  • Packing is compromised.
  • Side flaps are not that lofty.

Amagabeli 3 Panel pewter wrought iron fireplace screen is a new-age safety device for your old fireplace. Made of wrought iron, it is sturdy enough and completely climate-proof, which is perfect for its indoor and outdoor use.

The fire screen is 28.9-inch by height, 50-inch (entirely expanded) in width, which is enough to protect a full-size fireplace.

Regardless, you use it indoor or outdoor, 3-panel fireplace screen will offer you seamless protection for your kids, pets, and the risk of bringing from popping embers.

Features we especially liked:

  • Versatile dimension: The size of the wrought iron fireplace screen matches with your home decor, gas fireplace, fireplace tools, fireplace grate and holders accessories.
  • Durable quality: Made of good quality wrought iron, this fireplace screen is robust enough, which will last long.
  • Spark Guard: The flat fireplace screen can guard popping sparks from the fire flame, which is convenient for kids, pets, and other family members sitting around the fireplace.
  • Warranty coverage: The black fireplace screen is covered with one year warranty, which is a desired purchase protection for the users.


  • Good and smart looking.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Not such heavy that kids cannot move.
  • The hinges often get loose.

Are you planning to add extra safety to your fireplace?  What about a scope if you can enhance your room decor with a smarty and functional fireplace screen along with safety improvement?

Try Large Gold Fireplace Screen 4 panel ornate wrought iron black metal fire, and flaunt on your choice.

The large fireplace screen will keep your baby extra safe from your fireplace. Even it is safe for your naughty puppy as the screen will keep them away from the hearth of your fireplace.

The popping ash or spark can be neutralized by this fire safety barrier…it is safe for you too!

Features we especially liked:

  • Measurements: This flat fireplace screen mesh is quite spacious.  It measures 32-inch in height, 51-inch (entirely expanded) in breadth and offers complete fireplace coverage option.
  • Versatility: The modern fireplace screen matches excellently with home decor, most of the fireplace grates, along with fireplace tools, trendy and retro type curtain holders, and both gas or electric fireplaces.
  • High Quality: Gold fireplace screen comes with 4 single hinged panels in arched design can stretch to fit different openings.
  • Gorgeous Design: The decorative fireplace cover gate accessories constructed similarly with traditional brass and black fireplace enclosure, heavy-duty privacy fireplace guard for toddlers is a wise choice.
  • Warranty Protection: fireplace safety screen with child guard fireplace doors and related parts shall be covered within the Limited Warranty Period.


  • No assembly needed.
  • Durable.
  • Good looking and easy to maintain.
  • heavy duty.


  • Alignments are not on par.
  • Users found it light in weight.

Amagabeli Fireplace Screen with Doors Large Flat Guard Fire Screens is a user-friendly smart product that looks good, baby safe and puppy safe.

No matter if your fireplace is big or medium-sized, the wrought iron made screen is perfect for its coverage.

Not only the screen looks smart, but also, it offers ash and ember protection, enhances home décor, and offers unwavering safety for the household.

The steel construction stands guarantee for its durability. The powder-coated metal mesh is again an awesome feature!

Features we especially liked:

  • Sturdy and heavy-duty: This flat wrought iron fire screen features a large steel frame. Simple and useful heavy-gauge cast iron fireplace screen with heavy support legs holds resolutely to the hearth ground, even for outdoor fireplace areas, indoor gas glass or electric fire screens.
  • Friendly size: This Black metal mesh measures 33’ in height, 43.5 ‘ size, and that perfectly goes with all types of bricks and mortar fireplace. The magnet power is sturdy.
  • It looks stylish: wrought iron infrastructure combines with brass beauty and the black screen looks stylish and that improves the blazing beauty of your fireplace.
  • Sparks guard and baby-proof: Spark and ash from the fireplace are irritating, as well as a baby safety and pet protection, is really a  concerning issue. Amagabeli Fireplace Screen with Doors Large Flat Guard Fire Screens works beautifully to solve these recurring problems.
  • One-year: The product purchase will be covered with a 1-year limited guarantee.


  • Compact design.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy and smart.
  • Beautiful, heavy and quality product.


  • Doors do not align correctly.
  • Door handles to not line up with each other.

The ornamental, wrought-iron scroll work adds timeless style to any hearth.

Two hinged doors make fire-tending easier and safer and it will be easier for you to lift and move the screen back and forth. Arched doors are made with handles and are held closed by a magnetic latch.

The square tubular steel frame is lightweight, rigid, and strong. The front feet us built with the attractive scroll design; back feet add additional stability.

The rich black fireplace screen is highlighted with hand-burnished accents for beauty with or without a fire.

Features we especially liked:

  • Stylish Scrollwork: Flowing and embellished wrought iron scroll design has lifted the compactness of design and it may works with any decor perfectly.
  • Two-Door Opening: Hinged, curved doors with hard-grip handles have added great safety and expediency; furthermore, the magnetic latch ensures a secure closure.
  • Flat Guard layout: Fire-screen fits flush alongside hearth for best security; front and back feet are responsible for balance and stability.
  • Functional & Attractive: The Classic fireplace screen is decorated with stylish scroll work for adding beauty irrespective of the climate or season.
  • Tubular Steel & Heavy-Duty Mesh: Portable, resilient, enduring structure; the durable powder-coat finish is an added protection.


  • Durable and stable.
  • Complete coverage.
  • Versatile.
  • Competent fire tending.


  • After-sales service is not at par.
  • Door closing magnet is quality compromised.

Small Beveled Glass Diamond Fireplace Screen offers a perfect combo of beauty and utility. It is made of wrought iron hence durability is the buzz word. It is simple to use, and quite balanced a product, which has no reason to slip off.

The free-standing fireplace screen is light in weight but the back feet are strong enough. The first two feet are built with an attractive scroll design.

A matte black powder finish adds to its beauty quotient that perfectly matches with the floral and diamond design.

Features we especially liked:

  • Oblique, toughened glass insets: Four glass panes with floral and diamond-shaped designs gleam in the firelight and add style to your room decor.
  • Bi-door design: Hinged, arched doors with well-gripped handles, which add safety and suitability; it comes with a magnetic latch for a safe closure.
  • Flat guard layout: Baby proof fireplace screen fits flat against the hearth for the best guard; the front and back feet are made for enhanced stability.
  • Handy & ornamental: Classic black fireplace screen is raised with glass panels to add extra beauty regardless of the climate and the season.
  • Tube-shaped steel & strong mesh: the lightweight, tough, long-lasting structure is an obvious advantage; the tall fireplace screen looks smart and trendy.


  • Good looking.
  • Stable and durable.
  • Protective.
  • Convenient.


  • Alignments are often faulty.
  • The glass feels cheap.

The traditional design of the Pleasant Hearth Classic Fireplace screen has a black powder-coated finish that adds both beauty and durability. It looks stylish and elegant. It is easy to clean and low in the maintenance schedule.

The simplicity of this flat fireplace screen will bring out the accents in your fireplace, drawing your attention directly to the fire and upward toward your mantel.

Easily adjust the screen with convenient handles on side panels.

Features we especially liked:

  • Attractive look: The fireplace screen looks beautiful. Glass and wrought iron made infrastructure not only looks handy, but it also is low in maintenance, and firs the fireplace opening due to its flexible opening.
  • Added convenience: Handles on the side panels are a handy feature that helps in placing the screen in its right measurement, or according to the measurement of the fireplace.
  • Versatility: This baby proof fireplace screen gets fitted with all types of fireplaces.   This versatility and flexibility of size is indeed an advantage.
  • Full coverage: The screen will help you to cover the entire opening of the fireplace so that you can be sure about the fireplace safety of your premises.
  • Safety: The fire screen is heavy enough, which neither kids nor puppies in your home can dislocate.


  • Stable and safe.
  • Good looking.
  • Offers best hearth coverage.
  • Sturdy structure.


  • It is difficult to dislocate.
  • All extended position may hamper stability.

If you are fond of enjoying the winning combo of fashion and functionality in a fireplace screen, then Deco 79 71822 metal fire screen will be the ideal option for you.  You can enhance the safety of your fireplace adjacent area as well as you can offer a makeover of your room decor.

Want to impose a farmhouse style in your living room? Invest in Deco 79 71822 Metal Fire Screen and you will get an immaculate result. The flowery design and the metal mesh body is an eye candy whereas it lasts long due to its metallic structure.

Regardless you place the fireplace screen indoor and outdoor, it will offer you the same efficiency. The screen is flexible enough and it is a perfect alternative for fireplace tools.

Features we especially liked:

  • Compact design: Three-panel fireplace screen prepared from iron material in black finish.
  • Metallic Elegance: Designed with flowery symmetry and smooth metal mesh structure is simple elegant by look.
  • Beauty and Utility: Fulfills both ornamental and handy purposes of your room decor.
  • Stable enough: It is a heavy screen, which offers excellent stability.
  • Multiple Shades: The multiple shades of brown and gold makes the fireplace screen elegantly decorative, with retro-urban style.


  • Stylistic and stable.
  • Durable and low in maintenance.
  • Compact and versatile design.
  • Budget price.


  • Poor workmanship.
  • Color quality of gold and silver tinge is compromised.

Pleasant Hearth AT-1002 Ascot Fireplace looks smart and it is a perfect fireplace accessory for them who want utility and décor at one go.

This free-standing fireplace screen enhances the energy efficiency of your fireplace and it helps in minimizing heat as well as cool air loss at the same time.

The black fireplace screen looks stylish with powder-coated finish and easy to grip 5 inches door handle.

Perfect for masonry fireplace, the screen with its bi-fold style door adds more layers in your fireplace's functionality and stylish look. The 2-inch riser bars are an added advantage.

Features we especially liked:

  • The decorative bi-fold style, the 4-panel door is an obvious advantage.
  • The one-piece frame construction is user-friendly for fixing convenience.
  • Besides large size, the fireplace screen is available in medium and short size too.
  • Black finish and clear glass combo is a winning match that adds glamour to room decor.
  • In-built features like concealed damper control knobs for airflow control and heat resistant dense insulation stand responsible for enhanced functionality up to 90%.


  • Energy efficient.
  • User-friendly.
  • Beautiful look.
  • Value for money.


  • Suitable for masonry fireplace only.
  • Size can be confusing.

These are the close views of all the nine fireplace screens we have window-shopped so far for your hassle-free quickie shopping. However, understanding the basic benefits of using a fireplace screen will help you to analyze the reviewed screen features at your best convenience.

Ultimate Guide on how to find best fireplace screens

The following FAQs will help you to enjoy more clarity in your freestanding fireplace screen shopping. Check them before you start product analysis and fire screen comparison for the best ROI.

What is the purpose of a fireplace screen?

The main purpose of a fireplace screen is to stop sparks oozing out of the fire from entering the room. Fireplace hearth can be the cause of fire accidents if left unmonitored for long.

Furthermore, a fireplace screen protects kids and pets from getting in close contact with the fire.

However experienced you are with the fueling of a fire, a fireplace screen is essential to ease the risk of fire injury. If you have placed a carpet/wooden floor/plastic in front of the fireplace, it is always essential to put a fireplace screen facing the fire.

Having a stone floor or a wide metal surface in front of the fire? If yes, it is always needed to place a fireplace screen in front of the fire especially, if there is no one overseeing the fire.

The use of a fireplace screen is also practical for a gas fireplace. In this case, it is not only for preventing sparks from the fire, but to prevent harm for children, dogs or, combustible items from coming into direct contact with the fire.

Decorative fireplace screens render the purpose of improving the ambiance of the fireplace opening even when the fireplace is not working.

How to Choose a Best Fireplace Screen?

The material of the fire screen

 A Fire screen is better if built with the flameproof glass and typically made of a metal structure. Newer screens are often built with heatproof glass.

The choice of the material also governs the extent to which the fireplace screen stands out when it is protecting the fire flame.

A brass fire screen is highly visible than an iron made fire screen with iron mesh. The decoration of the screen also contributes a lot to this display effect.

The shape of the fire screen

A fire screen may be made of one or more panels, which often determines its shape. Fire screens for larger fireplaces or round shape fireplace may have manifold panels on low legs. These screens are easier to arrange before the fire.

These screens are mostly folded type and therefore work as space saver screens. Only decorative screens are mostly built with one panel that is either attached to one long and mostly height adjustable-leg or on dual small legs.

A screen that consists of one panel with two small legs can also be suitable for protecting the fire in a smaller fireplace. The panel must then sufficiently block the fireplace opening.

Style of the fire screen

Fire screens are available in different styles, some of which are of medieval fashion. However, modern fire screens are available also.

The styles of fire screens should be similar to the fireplace as well as it should be similar to the existing decoration of the house where the fireplace is built.

Historically, initial fire screens in France were Louis XIV type, and in the UK, these screens were of the Georgian style.

However, the selection is mostly done on the size of the opening of the fireplace and at the discretion of the owner.

Size of the fire screen

The size of the screen should be decided on the opening of the fireplace itself. It is a customized need of course.

How to measure a Fireplace Screen?

Here are a few tips to measure a fireplace screen, which is basically done by measuring the fireplace opening.

The opening is measured generally with these following steps:

  • Place a slice of cardboard, which should be large enough to cover the opening of the fireplace.
  • Cut a hole big adequate to stick your arm via it in the midpoint of the cardboard.
  • With a black marker now, stick your arm via the hole and mark the opening by using a brick.
  • Once you have got the cardboard trace of the opening, you can draw it onto a paper, so that it can easily be measured further accurately.
  • The screen should be adequate to cover the entire opening.

Child safe fireplace screen

If you have kids in your home, child-safe screens are a necessity.

Check these points:

  • You should install heat-resistant glass doors. Glass doors can help your child to stay away from the fire as well as to prevent hot sparks to invade the room.
  • Heat-resistant glass is preferred for your fire-screen which is extra safe to protect your kids and pets from a burn injury. Also, consider fixing a latch/ lock to prevent your baby from opening the doors.
  • Put up a fireplace screen or hearth gate. However, be sure that the screen is stable enough, so it won’t collapse if dragged by a kid.

Decorative fireplace screens

Decorative screens are made of wide varieties of material. Even they can be made of non-fireproof materials. Previously, decorative screens with a wooden frame and an embroidered panel were frequently available.

However, instead of the good looking materials, you may look for copper or steel mesh made fire screens which will be a safer option for your fireplace. Screens that protect against the heat of the fire often have a panel that consists of a copper plate.

Final verdict

These are the clues for buying the best fireplace screens for the best safety, impact, and functionality of the fireplace.

Hope with these real-life reviews and buying-tips, your shopping spree will be easy and productive. Let us know your feedback by commenting here.

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