The 7 Best Electric Fireplace Of 2024 – [Reviews & Guide]

We no longer build fireplaces for physical warmth; —we build them for the warmth of the soul; we build them to dream by, to hope by, to home by. — Edna Ferber

Of course, every season has got its own charm. Especially, the winters! The freaking freezing cold weather calls for a "Warm" house party! Yes, the chit-chats accompanied by a hot coffee, the never-ending talks, and a blanket to hug! These inevitably create a jovial atmosphere all around!

Thanks to the electric fireplace for offering us more than just the warmth! So, this winter, get yourself the best electric fireplace heater because you deserve all the pampering!

Best Electric Fireplace

Features: Classic metal body, 3D flame effect, Infrared technology, Zone heating method, Safer plug
Dimension: 13.1 x 24 x 23.4 inches
Installation: Plug-in
Heats up to: 1,000 sqft


Features: Stunning frame, 5 brightness flaming levels, Realistic log set, Elegant decor material
Dimension: 50.4 x 5.5 x 21.6 inches
Installation: Wall mount
Heats up to: 400 sqft

Best Electric Fireplace Insert

Features: Interior brick design, 3 brightness levels, Fence air outlet, Adjustable thermostat, Front fix
Dimension: 35 x 8.8 x 27 inches
Installation: Plug-in
Heats up to: 400 sqft


Features: Wood grain body, Interior brick design, Convertible, Accommodates TV panel
Dimension: 15.2 x 45.5 x 40.2 inches
Installation: Plug-in
Heats up to: 400 sqft


Features: Vibrant black frame, LED technology, Realistic flames, Smokeless and ventless
Dimension: 25 x 50.4 x 5.5 inches
Installation: Wall mount
Heats up to: 400 sqft

7 Best Electric Fireplace Reviews 2024

Now that you are aware of the factors to consider, let's look at the reviews so that you can go home with the best electric fireplace of your choice in 2024!

Best Electric Fireplace

If you are planning to warm up the whole 1000 sqft area, then, the Duraflame DFI-5010-01 electric fireplace of 5200 BTU heater is the perfect one!

3D flame effect:

Making your place even more elegant just got better! The brightness of the patent-pending 3D flames which can be customized with 5 different setting options makes the glow even more vibrant. Also, the layers of the flames beneath, before and in between the logs add a realistic layered glow over all.

Infrared Heating:

Its infrared heating helps your family and air stay fresh throughout without drying the skin or the air out. It also reduces the static electricity.

Zone heating:

Zone heating option makes it even more comfortable to receive the touch of warmth wherever and whenever without any hassle.

The safer plug:

The unit possesses the technology, i.e. the patent-pending safer plug. If the plug notices the rise in the temperature above the safe level with an inbuilt thermometer, it automatically shuts off. Thus, saving the unit from being over-heated and also from the imminent danger.

Built up:

The grand appearance is due to the classic metal body which possesses the sloped glass doors and the windows with the side views.


Summing up the wall mount electric fireplace reviews, here is the list of important factors:

Built Up:

The stunning outlook is because of the wide frame with a vibrant black color. As it is 50 inches wide, it adds elegance to the place it is installed.


The installation is super easy with a mountable bracket. After placing, secure the fireplace with the screws.

Realistic Flames:

With the 2 options provided: Crystal and the faux log, you can have your place lit up with the radiant effect.

If you are more of a modern atheist, then, go for the one which has a glowing natural effect as the traditional ones. Yes, the log option it is. If you want to add more elegance to the brightness, then, go with the crystalline option.

The Heat Up:

It comes with 2 options in the heating level to set the desired warmth.


You also have the privilege to set the timer ranging from 30 minutes to 7 and a half hours. You are free to take a nap, go out, take a shower or anything! Thus, you do not have to worry about the fireplace to switch off or switch on. So, you can count on this fireplace as one of the top-rated electric fireplaces.

Best Electric Fireplace Insert

It is quite difficult to choose one among the zillion best electric fireplaces! From the electric fireplace reviews, we could gather some information to select the best fake fireplace!

Lavish Workmanship:

The 3 sides of the best electric fireplace insert come with a high-precision interior which has brick wall finishing. Well, who says to a solid, trim, and finely polished elegant unit?

Radiant Flames:

The combination of the stunning brick wall, the logs, the coal bed, and the glowing flames make the environment lit up! You can vary the intensity and brightness of the 3 flames and create the ambiance just the way you love!

Energy Efficient:

The extensive LED technology smartly makes use of the limited electricity, and thus, this 1,500-watt heater is able to spread its warmth up to 400 sq ft area.


The unit is inclusive of the electric fireplace inserts, user's manual and remote control. The setup (Front fix) is done in a matter of minutes to any wall outlet of 120 volts.

The Fencing:

The air outlet is designed in a typical fence which makes the unit even more vibrant! The control panel makes the operation convenient.


This small electric fireplace offers the warmth in a range rising between 60F to 84F.


If you are a frequent traveler, then, this portable fireplace is happy to accompany you. Gathering the information from the electric fireplace ratings, here are the unbeatable features:

Built Up:

The classy oak finishing in combination with the earth tone tiles adds more grace to the unit. The unit has wood grain panels and the super sleek side columns which enhance the beauty. Thus, this portable electric fireplace offers you the touch of warmth throughout 400 sqft area.

Flickering Flame:

The firebox contains glazy embers with a brick designed interior. The multicolor flames create an elegant, realistic effect!


This most realistic electric fireplace does not need any installation. You just need a wall outlet with a 6-foot cord to plug it in. And it's done!

LED Effect:

As the electric fireplace possesses the LED feature, you can choose a way to standardize your place in a cost-efficient way!

Other Features:

While glancing the best electric fireplace reviews, one must surely look for the convenient features provided:

  • 100% energy efficient: Having the ability to spread the heat up to 1500 cubic feet within 24 minutes, you can count this fireplace as the most efficient electric fireplace!
  • Automatic shut down: It can shut down automatically which is the most crucial factor while looking for the best electric fireplace heaters.
  • Convertible: This freestanding fireplace is convertible; thus, it consumes less space.

If you are looking for a best freestanding electric fireplace, then, the Ameriwood electric fireplace is the one! Summing up the electric fireplace reviews, here is the list of exclusive features:

Built Up:

The classic oak touch on a wood grain material makes the unit extensively lavish! The color, i.e. Sonoma oak makes has the pleasing elegance which I bet no one can ignore!

TV Panel:

The unit is built up in such a way that it is capable of accommodating a TV (flat panel) of 70 inches with a maximum weight of 135 lbs.

Glorifying Flame:

The AltraFlame in-built reflectors along with the long-running LED bulbs(up to 50,000 hours) use the patented technology to create the glorifying flame effect.

Storage Space:

The unit provides two huge cabinets wherein you can place the books, magazines, TV remotes or video games.

The Stand:

The TV stand is made up of the metal accents and laminated particleboards which undoubtedly gives a pleasant look which blends with any furniture.

Coloring Effect:

The unit is also available in a cherry and black combination which enhances the prettiness of the living room even more! Thus, it is the perfect decor material which increases the elegance of the room. Totally!


It is one of the top electric fireplaces which is well-known for its unbeatable features:

Built Up:

The stunning 50-inch electric fireplace with a vibrant black frame draws the attention at first sight. It can increase the standard when placed in any room. As it can spread the warmth up to 400 sqft, it is regarded as the best fireplace heater.

Realistic Flames:

The mesmerizing effect of the flames makes the room filled with an elegant touch. Thanks to LED technology for making this magic happen!


According to the electric fireplace reviews, the timer option is in boom forever! You can set the timer from 30 minutes to 7 and a half hours.


What actually makes the fireplace being called the best electric fireplace is its efficiency. As it is 99.9% energy efficient, it is quite cost effective.


As it comes under the category of the Best wall mount electric fireplace, it provides the ease of hanging the fireplace on a wall outlet bearing 110 volts.

The Strength Secret:

The strong glass and the brisk powder of coated steel make the unit as one of the top-rated electric fireplaces!

Control Panel:

This helps to maintain the sleek and classy structure of the unit, and thus making it one of the best electric fireplaces!


Being served as the best rated electric fireplace, the LifeSmart fireplace has got extraordinary features:

Classic Oak:

With the gorgeous oak finishing, this electric fireplace draws the attention with its eye-catching appearance and is best suitable for large rooms.


Being one of the top-rated electric fireplaces, it facilitates to plug-in the unit within seconds to any wall outlet of 110 volts.

Infrared Facility:

As it uses the 3 quartz infrared elements, no humidifier is required to keep the air moist. So, it saves you from spending the unnecessary appliances.


As this unit is accompanied by a roller, you can easily drag it wherever you want!

Zone Heating Method:

Instead of heating the air and drying it out, this unit targets the objects and the people. Thus, the energy utilization is less than a hair dryer!

Energy Efficient:

As it merely uses the electricity as that of a hair dryer, you can be relieved of the electricity bill drama!

No More Mess!:

The fireplace saves you from cleaning up the fumes, chimney and other combustible fuels. Thus, it can be considered as the best electric fireplace.

Additional features:

  • E-Z glide casters: The addition of E-Z glide casters enhances the beauty of the electric fireplace.
  • Timer: This facilitates you to set the desired time up to 12 hours without any hassle.
  • Remote control: This 1,500-watt heater can be operated via remote.

How to Choose The Best Electric Fireplace

So, here are some of the crucial factors which promise you to guide in picking the best electric fireplace:


First, make yourself clear about why actually you want to buy an electric fireplace? Is it for efficient heat? Zone heat? A decor piece? This question mainly acts as a "Filter" and thus, short-listing your criteria.

Prepare a budget:

Preparing your budget is as important as choosing the most efficient electric fireplace. Make sure that your budget not only includes your initial spending on one of the top-rated electric fireplaces but, also the "After effects" of it.

Your budget must fit your purchase, installation, and also the future running of your purchased electric fireplace.


Before buying, take a quick glance at the place you want to install the electric fireplace. Measure the location of installation and then, go for the best fireplace heater which is suitable for the particular area.

This saves you from getting deviated with the wide range of options available at the store. Be clear with the required size so that, you get one of the best electric fireplace heaters to go!


Well, with the filters mentioned above, you are half way there in the "Buying process". Now, what makes it difficult is to choose one among the zillion wonderful options! Not fair! Vertical, horizontal? Phew!

So, again, imagine your wall outlet and now, you can picture the electric fireplace wall mounted or plugged-in. Thus, you can choose the best electric fireplace which fits into the given space without any hassle.

You also have the portable fireplace option which makes the transportation way more easy and convenient, and the "warm up" even easier.

Heating method:

Know about the total space which requires the heat supply. Now, decide the amount of heat necessary. Thus, you can choose whether to go for the normal heating process or for the zone heating process.

The normal heating procedure is nothing but the presence of a heating coil which is responsible for the supply of heat all over the installed place.

The zone heating takes a deviation from the working environment of the usual heating method. It is preferably installed for heating specific zones or rooms.

The insight scoop:

When it comes to a traditional electric fireplace, it uses a heating coil to warm up the place and spread the warm air with a tiny fan attached.

In the infrared electric fireplace, the usage of the 3 quartz infrared elements makes the heating method different. Here, as the electric fireplace does not involve in drying out the air, there is no need to worry about installing the "Extra fittings" say humidifier to retain the moist air.


After being sure about the capacity of your wall outlet, you can choose the method of installation. You can either go for wall mount option or just go for the plug-in unit. Again, go for a process which is convenient for the place you install.


Well, at the end of the day, everyone is keenly looking for an electric fireplace which is a perfect decor material with an impressive heating efficiency, and it is totally worth the money!

Well, we suggest you stretch your preliminary budget a bit and go for a top-end fireplace which lights up your place with a charming glow! After all, the electric fireplace is the one which gathers us all in one place in our "busy scheduled" routine!

How do Electric Fireplaces Work?

Electric fireplaces are in great demand nowadays because they can be set up almost anywhere without too much of a hassle. They are a simple household appliance useful for providing warmth and raising the ambiance of your room without too much maintenance.

They contain a set of coils that heat up when plugged in. Fans push the hot air out while sucking in cold air. Light bulbs are used to mimic flames. Their light is refracted in a random three-dimensional pattern to simulate a very realistic flickering flame.

It is as easy to install as a heavy photo frame or a mirror. Unlike the traditional fuel burning fireplaces, these hardly need any maintenance. It is clean, eco-friendly and with the staggering number of designs available, the best one fitting your décor idea can be chosen.

When to Use an Electric Fireplace

Who does not want a cozy fireplace in the living area? It is a superb addition to any room. It lifts up the ambiance and warms the room during the cold winter months.

Unfortunately, not all can afford to install a traditional fuel burning fireplace due to reasons like space constraint, building restrictions, and cost.

When faced with issues of space, cost and installation hassles, fear not! Electric fireplaces- an excellent alternative to the traditional fuel burning fireplaces are here. They can be easily installed in any room as long as a socket is within reach.

They are easy to maintain, clean and do not pollute. The fuel costs involved are much lesser when compared to the traditional fireplaces.

Types of Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are much in demand nowadays. They are efficient, eco-friendly and have minimum maintenance. Owing to their simplicity in working, electric fireplaces come in different types to suit different needs.

Let us take a look at some of them-

Electric Fireplace Insert

Electric Fireplace Insert come in two types, a fireplace package, and a log insert. A fireplace package can be integrated into a media center, an end table or any other piece of furniture. They heat the room and also become the focal point.

A log insert, on the other hand, is a standalone device that is typically placed in fireboxes or even existing fireplaces. They are preferred as they are cleaner and less expensive than the burning wood or gas.

Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

As the name suggests, these can literally be mounted on a wall. Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace save lots of space and can be easily installed. They are covered with glass and very safe to operate.

The LED display along with random refraction of light from the bulb simulates a pleasing fire. A great way to cozy up with your family on cold evenings.

Electric Mantel Fireplace

Mantels were used in the traditional fuel burning fireplaces to catch the smoke. Over time these mantels were decorated to become a showpiece. They were so common that it is difficult to imagine a fireplace without one.

Electric fireplaces have no smoke and so do not need a mantel. But, to capture the essence of the old world charm, some electric fireplaces come with a mantel. They retain the classic looks along with all the advantages of electric fireplaces.

Electric Fireplace Stoves

Unlike the above, Electric Fireplace Stoves are fully portable. They are free standing. All they need is a power socket within reach. Their portability allows you to shift it to any room in your house!

They come in a host of designs, and you can decide on the one that suits your existing décor. They are suitable for small living spaces, are plug and play and can be controlled with a remote.

Freestanding Electric Fireplace

These are also portable and come in various designs. You get a variety of Freestanding Electric Fireplace to choose from to match your décor idea. Some even come with a mantel.

They are great to warm up and increase the ambiance of any room that they are placed in. They, however, are heftier than electric fireplace stoves but come in a wider range of designs.

Recessed Electric Fireplace

These are mounted within the wall. Though comparatively difficult to install, they Look great. A super way to enhance the ambiance! With a huge choice available, you can choose anything that fits your décor. They become the focal point of your room and the envy of your neighbors and friends.

Electric fireplaces have become accessible to all. They come in huge varieties to suit all needs. Their efficiency in distributing heat without obnoxious smoke and cost-effectiveness have made them a popular choice.

They are also easy to install, less expensive, Eco-friendly and maintenance free when compared to the traditional fuel burning fireplaces.

How Much Does it Cost to Run an Electric Fireplace?

An electric fireplace is a less expensive alternative to the fuel-based ones. It is easy to install and compact. Since they do not have a chimney, all the heat produced is dispersed into the room.

A typical electric fireplace will require around 1.5 KW/hour of electricity to run. 1 KWH may be anywhere between 1 to 20 cents depending on where you stay and your rate structure tier. This works out to much lesser than you would spend for the traditional fuel-based fireplaces. You also need to consider the cost of maintenance and cleaning.

Electric fireplaces are smokeless. No emission means no corrosion and as a result they last long. These qualities make them an excellent buy.

How to Install Electric Fireplace?

Installing an electric fireplace is a cinch when compared with the traditional fuel burning ones. Once set up, they are all plug and play. The wall mounted electric fireplaces just need the wall bracers to be fixed properly.

Unevenly fixed bracers will result in a skewed fireplace. Actually, it is just like mounting a large mirror. A recessed electric fireplace will require some masonry work though, but much lesser than the work involved in installing a traditional fuel burning one.

Electric fireplaces or stoves plug into any standard 120-volt outlet and do not require a dedicated circuit. It's as easy as plugging in a lamp! Whether a fireplace or stove is being installed into one of our many attractive mantels or into an existing fireplace opening, installation is fast and easy! —

There are a host of options though, that to simply allows you to plug and play. You just need to fit it in with your décor idea and plugin. Lo and behold, you have a beautiful fireplace spreading the warmth and uplifting your living space.

Note: Almost all companies offer professional staff and NFI certified installer.

Electric Fireplaces Advantages and Disadvantage

Electric fireplaces have become increasingly popular nowadays. They are easy to install, inexpensive, have fewer running costs, easy to maintain and eco-friendly. They come in various designs to suit your décor idea.

They dissipate heat much more efficiently than the traditional fuel burning fireplaces and are compact. When compared to the traditional fireplaces, they are pocket-friendly and match their ambiance. They do not accumulate soot deposit that requires periodic cleaning.

Even though they dissipate heat evenly and efficiently, they are not as hot as the traditional ones. They also require electricity to run. Barring the above two disadvantages, they have an incredible array of advantages over the traditional ones.

Electric Fireplace Maintenance Tips

An electric fireplace is a low maintenance device when compared with the traditional fuel-based ones. It requires some basic maintenance though, like any other household electric appliance.

It is recommended to dust periodically and use a damp cloth to wipe the exterior. The fans which are vital to the device's performance must be dusted with a brush, and the debris vacuumed.

Caution must be exercised while cleaning. Like any household electric device, it must be unplugged. The bulbs may need to be replaced from time to time. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and take care to wear gloves while changing them. Fingerprints tend to distort the light effect.

Find out the effective ways to save money on electricity.

Electric Fireplace Safety Tips

Compared to the traditional fuel burning fireplaces, the electric ones are much safer. But since they run on electricity, all the precautions necessary for any home electric device must be taken.

Make sure to unplug the device before any maintenance. The heater must be checked regularly. The vents must not have any objects/ furniture hindering their flow. The flammable substances should be kept away from the fireplace.

It is recommended by most manufacturers not to use an extension cord if forced to use, use a heavy duty one. Wall mount fireplaces must be mounted on a beam for a secure installation.

These fireplaces are as safe as most household appliances. It only requires that the basic precautions are followed along with the manufacturer’s recommendation. This will ensure that you will enjoy your new electric fireplace without any worry.

How to Clean Your Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace is very easy to clean. As it does not burn fuel, no residues are formed. However, it is good to follow a half-yearly cleaning regimen to keep your as good as new.

It is always recommended to consult the owner’s manual for any specific cleaning instruction. Check electrical components for frayed/ damaged wires. Follow the instruction in the manual to remove the glass and dust the interiors and any media gently. Wipe the heater gently with a dry cloth. The exteriors can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Whatever maintenance work you perform, ensure that the device is plugged off. The above steps will keep your electric fireplace look spanking new for years to come. Read more how to clean an electric fireplace insert.

Gas or Electric Fireplace- What is the Differences?

Watch the video and Also read the blog: Electric fireplace vs. Gas fireplace


So, which one of these you choose as the best electric fireplace? From these portable, plug-in and wall mounted electric fireplace reviews, choose your convenient option and take home the best electric fireplace 2024!

Be it a small electric fireplace, the best recessed electric fireplace or the large gigantic ones, the sole purpose of any fireplace is to offer you the comfortable warmth by hugging you with the irreplaceable memories!

This winter, make sure you list out your preferred criteria, choose your comfort and bring home the perfect warmth. To watch our home filled and lit up with a glorious dancing glow with a soft and a warm touch! Lovable!!

With a hope of being able to provide mere guidance in your decision, I wish you welcome this winter more enthusiastically. Because? Hell yeah! Everybody loves to be pampered! Spread love! Spread the warmth! Happy winters!

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