The 6 Best Electric Fireplace Insert 2024 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

A house with no fireplace is a house without a heart. —Gladys Bagg Taber “The book of Stillmeadow” 

Today's market touts the use of electric fireplace inserts. They are not just simple and uncomplicated to use, and they work without smoke or flames and do not demand the need for venting.

You do not need to worry about the smoke causing pollutants, extra cost related to the traditional brick containing fireplaces and the ash cleaning process. Undoubtedly the traditional stonework fireplaces looked great too. But they can’t be considered as the best electric fireplace. But if we talk about their efficiency and maintenance, they tend to score negative marks in this.

If you are looking for some economic alternatives which are efficient in heating functions as well as enhance the beauty of your décor then, go for the best electric fireplace insert. By using this form of the fireplace, you don't need to get any special permits either. Just plug in and see your fake flames dancing before you.

Editors' Choice

Inch: 33", Utility: 120v, Heat up to: 400 sft, Weight: 35.38 lbs, Dimension: 35.04" L X 8.78" W X 26.99" H

Inch: 23"

Utility: 60v

Heat up to: 400 sft

Weight: 33.4 lbs

25 x 21 x 13 inches

Inch: 23"

Utility: 120v

Heat up to: 400 sft

Weight: 30.6 lbs

23" W x 19-1/2" H x 10-3/4" D

Inch: 36"

Utility: 120v

Heat up to: 400 sft

Weight: 68.6 lbs

91.4 x 19.4 x 61 cm

Inch: 20"

Utility: 120v

Heat up to: 400 sft

Weight: 18 lbs

22 x 52.1 x 30.5 cm

Inch: 28.5"

Utility: 110-120v

Heat up to: 400 sft

Weight: 29 lbs

28.5" (l)x 6"(w) x 21" (H)

6 Best Electric Fireplace Insert 2024 Reviews

Many people are apprehensive about the performance and efficiency of various Fireplace Insert Brands. They try to research the market to understand are Fireplace Inserts worth it or not? You can understand the functioning of various Artificial Fireplace Inserts by reading the below mentioned details about the top six Fireplace Insert models.

If you are looking for an insert for the fireplace which can provide you decent warmth along with real fireplace effect, then this Dimplex DFI2309 Electric Fireplace Insert can prove to be the best fireplace insert for you.

The installation process of this electric fireplace insert is quite simple. No special arrangements are required to be done for installation as it is an easy Plug in fireplace inserts. This model can be a best electric fireplace insert alternative for an underutilized fireplace.

It comes with a single flame setting and has a single dimension. The in-built fan is almost noise free and distributes heat up to a range of 400 square feet.

This high quality electric fireplace has been appreciated for its good looks. It provides a beautiful real flame like looks without any fire, soot or smoke and prevents any danger concerned with real ones.

If you are an environment-friendly person and prefer to stay in an environment free from pollution, then this can prove most efficient fireplace insert for your home. There are entirely no pollutants or any harmful gas released in the air by this product.

The front glass of this plug in fireplace inserts remains cool all the time, even during the operating hours. This makes this artificial electric fireplace inserts very safe for the kids and the pets in the home. If you do not have a larger area to accommodate wooden logs in the fireplace, then this most realistic electric fireplace is the best option for you.

The Dimplex has been a leading name worldwide and hence rated as the highest BTU electric fireplace insert. The high performance, latest technology, and service are the key factors that have made it a best fireplace insert.

This Cheap Electric Fireplace Insert can be a great addition to your current home décor which can be plugged into any household standard outlet. Talking about the realistic flame effects! Well, you can enjoy it for all the 4 seasons.

This Fireplace Insert requires no piping and venting facilities and has fantastic temperature and flame controlling options.

According to the reviews, its looks have definitely earned brownie points. The awesome realistic flames look created with the help of 260 watt LED light bulbs have been one of the favorite features of the fireplace insert. The flickering effect gives a real wooden logs burning effect.

The electric fireplace inserts with Blowers are very easy to install and can be plugged into a regular household power sockets. You can relish the cozy warmth within a few seconds of switching on the heater. They do not require any venting and piping, and this makes it very cost effective.

The model comes with 2 level speed settings, enabling you to control the heat dispersed it the house. Also come with the cool front glass, child safety features, thermostat function, and the Eco-friendly quality.

Best Electric Fireplace Insert

Pura Flame 33" Western Electric Fireplace Insert that have managed to capture the attention in the market since the day it has been launched. This is a High Quality Electric Fireplace insert which is capable of fitting into any fireplace.

The LED flame lighting effect has been the talk of the town for its realistic flame like effects, and it comes with a sleek remote controller. It has a beautiful wall design on the three sides which gives them a bricked look.

If you are looking for an Insert for a comparatively smaller area, then this product can be the best one. It can disperse heat within a range of 400 square feet's, which is more than enough to heat a smaller room. The heating of this electric fireplace heater insert can be controlled with a sleek remote control.

People who are using this Fireplace Insert are relieved and happy with its easy installation process. The product comes with comfortable handles which enable the insert to fit into the fireplace easily. The outer glass remains cool all the time, making it safe for kids and pets.

Best Electric Fireplace Insert

If you wish to create a modern hearth, this can be the most efficient fireplace insert that can enhance the decor of your living room, bedroom, etc.

The Black color can blend in with any existing decor. This product has been rated amongst the best large electric fireplace insert due to its easy installation, attractive looks, supplemental heat source, and awesome flame effects.

This 36 inch electric fireplace insert has been appreciated by the people for its looks. The black colored model has been the talk of the town as it can easily go with the current décor of the house.

As per the experiences shared by the people in electric fireplace inserts reviews, this product has scored high considering the installation process. If you are going for a renovation or have just done with the renovation, then this model can easily be installed without any repairing work done.

The people who have purchased this product have rated it one of Most Efficient Fireplace Inserts due to this quality. This model has managed to make a place in the top electric firebox insert due to its realistic flame effects, thanks to its high quality LED lightings.

It has a 5 level flame adjustment features and 36 inch electric fireplace insert with Thermostat. it can can distribute heat up to 400 square feet within a few minutes.

Best Electric Fireplace Insert

This free standing electric log set with heater, allows you to retrofit or upgrade your traditional masonry fireplace. Duraflame DFI020ARU is the best infrared quartz log set heater, concerning energy efficiency or cost-effectiveness.

The visually appealing design, eco-friendly nature, and safety have helped in gaining higher ratings. Considering the relevant pros and cons, this electric fireplace insert has managed to carve a space for itself in the market and obtaining a position in the best infrared fireplace insert.

The Duraflame brand is a renowned name in the Fireplace Insert Manufacturers list. It comes with long lasting energy efficient LED lights. The unit comes with a 1,400 watt heater which can effectively heat up a room up to the range of 400 square feet. The model can fit into different size and styles of a fireplace.

You can get a realistic wooden log set along with an ember bed, which adds to the ambiance and décor of the room. The LED lighting has been designed in such a way to give a flickering flame effect to the fireplace.

It's a super portable electric fireplace heater. The light weighted electric fireplace insert for existing fireplace can be easily moved from one place to another. The installation process is also very simple. You do not require hiring an electrician to do the needful.

Best Electric Fireplace Insert

If you are looking for zero fumes emitted fireplace, then this product shall prove to be the best choice for you.

You can easily adjust the brightness of the electric fireplace inserts with blowers up to 5 different levels according to your mood. The heat settings can be changed up to 2 levels; low and high with remote control.

The see-through window displays unique fire effects which can create a superb aura and ambiance in the home.

The product is well versed with the energy efficient feature that is evident in the electric fireplace insert ratings. The heater has been designed to control the overheating of the room with the help of an auto switch off feature?

It comes with an easy setup procedure with a user manual.

Important Factors to be considered while choosing the Best Electric Fireplace Insert.

These gadgets come equipped with a small heater, whose capacity is almost 5,000 British Thermal Units. Since they are electric, you can’t get actual flames but simulated lights that create the impression of flames. You can, however, adjust the flame size and use it with or without a heat component, depending on whether you live in a hot climate or not.

Overall, electric fireplace inserts are energy-efficient, safe and a low-cost option to wood and gas fireplace inserts. They are available in various types and styles, so choose carefully.

Numerous brands are claiming to offer the best Fireplace Inserts, but to select the one for you, consider these below-mentioned factors.

Heating Range

Select the Electric Fireplace Insert for Existing Fireplace model which offers a good heating range. Some heaters can disperse heat up 400 square feet while some also offer heating range over 1,000 square feet.


Needless to say, but you should always go for the model and its color which goes very well with your room décor. Installing contrasting Fireplace Inserts can also be a good option. You can choose from either style like traditional and modern designs.


Your Best Fireplace Insert should be decided upon your preference of installation like a plug-in unit, in-built unit or a log insert one. The installation can be different for every fireplace.

Size and Fittings

While selecting the best electric fireplace insert for your home, make sure you have chosen the model with an exact fit. How can you do this? By selecting your size and trim! You should decide in advance if you wish to have glass doors in the Firebox Inserts or would like to trim the edges.

Best Price

Last but not the least, instead of opting for just a cheap electric fireplace insert, it would be wise to go for the one which has maximum features with a justified price. Your best buy electric fireplace will be the one, which has your favorite features plus some added advantages as well.

How Much Do Electric Fireplace Inserts Cost?

Electric fireplace inserts are highly energy-efficient and use modern technologies. Today, most units also use LED lighting. The unit’s heating element takes the entire electricity and converts it into energy, wasting about one percent in the process.

An electric fireplace insert can be used either as an ornamental accent where you use the flame feature without the heat. Alternatively, you can turn on the heat and use it as a heater. However you may choose to use it, you'll find that it isn't expensive to run, even if you choose to have flames and heater running simultaneously.

What you pay in terms of an electricity bill depends on how much you’re charged per kilowatt in your area. On an average, however, you should expect to pay anything between eight cents and 23 cents per hour.

If you use just the flames part of the fireplace, it could cost you about 3-6¢ an hour. But by using both heather and flame effects, that could set you back by about eight to 12¢ an hour for a fan-forced heater and for an infrared unit, you’d pay about 12-14¢ an hour.

Are Electric Fireplace Inserts Energy Efficient?

Can you really match energy efficiency with an electric fireplace insert? Perhaps not at first glance, after all, we all know that electric baseboard heating is one of the most expensive domestic heating sources, particularly in the thick of winter.

However, electric fireplace inserts can be the best solutions to zone heating. Not only do they warm up quickly, but they also keep the room warm for long. So, if you’re seated near an electric fireplace, you can easily turn down the heating for your entire home and so save electricity and money. This is one way that makes an electric fireplace insert highly energy efficient.

Next, electric fireplace inserts also convert electricity into heat at a 99% rate of efficiency. This is further enhanced by the fact that electric fireplaces don’t need vents or chimneys, thus trapping the heat in the room or home, instead of being diffused through vents and chimneys.

Electric fireplace inserts work to produce sufficient heat for a room or space sized about 400 square feet. So, when a room reaches its ideal temperature, the heater will automatically turn itself off, leaving you with just the flames.

This means you can enjoy the look of the flames and heat of your electric fireplace insert without wasting any electricity. In these ways, electric fireplace inserts are highly energy-efficient.

Which Is Better: Gas or Electric Fireplace Inserts?

You could never be completely comfortable on a cold evening or night without the inclusion of a warm fire. Though it might be expensive to have a fireplace, it’s a necessity, plus it also adds value to your home.

Both gas and electric fireplace inserts come with their own set of advantages and benefits. Let’s take a look at them:

General benefits:

An electric fireplace insert provides very reliable heat. One doesn't need to buy a door or gas to get it going, nor do you need to have any venting. It can also be installed wherever you want it.

However, in the case of gas inserts, they are known for the convenience they offer. You can quickly turn on the fire or put it out, adjust the height of the flame or even its intensity.

Characteristics of fire:

An electric insert has a warm glow though it lacks actual flames, something that you’d definitely see in a gas fireplace insert. In fact, a gas fireplace insert gives consistent flames that can be controlled by design. Here, the user chooses the intensity of the flame.

How fire starts:

For an electric fireplace insert, you need to have an outlet or have your unit completely hardwired. Once this is done, to turn it on, either use an electric switch or a remote controller. A gas fireplace insert is also started in the same manner.

Type of heat produced:

An electric fireplace insert gives out radiant heat whose heat output you can control. With a gas fireplace insert, you can get a mix of both convective and radiant heat.

Handling and storing fuel:

Electric fireplace inserts are so convenient that they neither need any special handling nor any fuel storage. For gas fireplace inserts, on the other hand, fuel is passed through a pipeline.

Need for electricity:

Electric fireplace inserts obviously run on electricity. Here, just a push of a button and it starts working. Ditto when you want to turn it off.

However, when you have a power outage, you can’t use your fireplace. However, gas fireplace inserts are not entirely dependent on electricity. If you have a power outage, you can still enjoy the warmth of your fireplace.

Health and safety:

As in all electric appliances, there’s some element of risk involved, and so with electric fireplace inserts too. Though you don’t get actual flames here, the risk of getting contact burns is vastly minimized due to the cool-touch glass.

There are also features of auto shut-off when the unit begins to overheat. This increases the health and safety aspect of electric fireplace inserts.

In case of gas fireplaces, the chance of accidental burns is minimized because you don't need to put your hands close to the flame to keep the fire going. Besides, no accidental sparks are seen here.

But the danger here is of possible gas leaks from exhausts that aren't vented perfectly that could lead to the release of carbon monoxide into the room. With perfect installation, however, there should be little or no danger to one's health and safety.

How to Clean an Electric Fireplace Insert

To clean your electric fireplace insert, always disconnect the power supply before you begin cleaning it. Choose to clean the unit with a soft duster, not anything abrasive. The soft cloth you use would also serve to clean the glass-viewing screen.

If you find dust accumulated on the fireplace logs, use the soft brush part of your vacuum cleaner to clean the outlet grille of your electric fireplace. To reach the fireplace logs, do the following:

Take off the four screws you see on the front panel. Then, remove the front panel and go on to unscrew the rosebud log screw. Wipe the log set clean using a damp cloth or a soft duster. Now, your fireplace logs are clean, so put back all the parts in place—the rosebud screw, glass panel, and screws.


So which is the best electric fireplace insert 2024? Well, the answer lays in the kind of expectations one has from the product.

If you are looking for most efficient fireplace inserts along with perfect finished looks, then you should go for Pura Flame 33" Western Electric Fireplace Insert with Remote Control, 750/1500W, Black.

If you give preference to performance, then you can opt for Best choice products SKY1826 embedded fireplace electric insert heater Glass View Log Flame Remote Home. It can prove to be the best electric fireplace insert for you.

The Best Rated Electric Fireplace for you is the one which fulfills all your required criteria.

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