Electric Fireplaces Advantages And Disadvantages [2024]

Electric fireplace! A beautiful home improvement accessory especially if you live in a cold and moist area. A cozy fireplace and a good book in hand, or a good movie on your television are the perfect arrangements to spend your chilly evening at home.

Unless you have an electric fireplace installed in your room, you can’t buy this celestial comfort of warmth and luxury.

Lots of electric heaters cum fireplaces are sold in the market. Therefore it is easy to buy a model on-demand. 

Besides adding warmth, comfort and decor, the gadget will help you in conditioning your indoor ambiance along with some other significant advantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Fireplaces

It's environment-friendly

Perhaps this is one of the best advantages of an electric fireplace that it is free from smoke, dust and it runs on clean energy. When there is no dust or smoke, it hardly pollutes indoor air.

No matter you have pets, kids, or patients of chronic respiratory problem, you can stay worry-free from the risk of dust or smoke allergy.

Environment friendliness is now one of the most talked-about features of home appliances. Electric Fireplaces neither emit toxin nor do these electrically operated heaters leave a carbon footprint. Environment friendliness is one of the obvious advantages of using an electric fireplace.

Easy to maneuver

An electric fireplace is easy to control. Modern fireplaces are remote operated, which you can regulate from a distance even from your couch or bed.

Modern fireplaces are built with fire-like flame effect as well as some models come with cracking sound of wooden logs. All these features can be regulated by remote, and it adds unique maneuverity to its operation.

Customized setting

Advanced electric fireplace models come with the facility of customized setting. For example, these heaters come with options like multiple heat setting, the sound of log cracking off /on, flame effect off/on, etc. 5,000 Btu to heat small- to medium-size room. 7,500 or 10,000 Btu to heat larger rooms.

By using these controlling features you can completely customize the effect of your electric fireplace, and you can set the heat mode according to your preferred intensity of hot wave around. Because of the off/on setting facility, you may use the electrical fireplaces round the year.

Easy installation

Electric Fireplaces from reputed brands are user-friendly gadgets and extremely easy to install. Most of these models are plug and play type, which you can start using right after you bring them home.

Oh yes! You need to do the plug arrangement according to the manufacturer's recommendation.

Some models come with wall hanging arrangement. This is especially a space saver option, which is fabulous for small apartments or for the family having pets and kids.

Cost efficiency

Wide varieties of heater cum fireplace models are available under different budgets. You can buy the model according to your fund and heat requisition.

Concerning utility and good performance, you can buy your fireplace model, and that leads toward justification of the purchase.

When the heater works at par against low consumption of energy, it becomes cost efficient.

Absolutely safe due to integrated safety features

Unlike a traditional fireplace, electric fireplaces are completely safe. The glass in front of the flame is built with heatproof material, and that makes it completely safe to touch.

This is indeed a cheering feature as the risk of burn injury due to the touch of the hot glass gets completely reduced.

These fireplaces are less demanding concerning maintenance. Most of them are found covered by warranty.

Adds to excellent room decor

Few electric heater models are available that come with excellent decorative quality. Few models may work as an organizer. And some models may work as a fireplace cum TV stand.

If you keep on mind the furniture arrangements of your home, these decorative fireplaces can work as a home decor utility item.

Some portable fireplaces are available, which you can easily move from one room to another.

Disadvantages of an electric fireplace

Like the other side of a coin, there are few disadvantages of using an electric fireplace. These disadvantages can be skipped by careful selection of the fireplace models.

However, it is extremely convenient if you count on the probable disadvantageous points. It will help you to buy the best model within your budget.

  • Electricity use may turn to be more expensive than other fuel sources: running cost may create a hole in your pocket.
  • Some plastic built, economy versions are sold – you should buy/ use them with caution. They may not prove functional and durable.
  • In some models, fire flames, as well as wooden logs effect, may not look real.
  • The amount of heat generated in a fireplace may vary, depending on energy uses and its heat settings, etc.
  • An Electric fireplace does not have a backup system: if the power goes off, the system will be inactive.

These are the obvious advantages and disadvantages of electric fireplaces. The advantages are meant for offering comfort and convenience in your life whereas the disadvantages can be perilous if they are not taken into consideration.

Have you already decided to buy an electric fireplace?

If yes, it is indeed a good decision. But you must check the reviews and market feedback of an electric fireplace before buy.

Do not forget to check energy consumption rate, warranty, and comfort features of the electric fireplace before you buy the model.

Meticulous research will help you to purchase the best electric fireplace model for top performance and longer service life.

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